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Ember and I playing in a ring! - Ember - 02-27-2017

Yes, there is some displacement scratching, and she keeps trying to run for where the entrance should be, but you can see her engagement physically shift. This is a dog that I haven't been able to play with at home, playing on the second day of a really hard, long weekend, in an area she's only spent two days in, after learning about elevators and hotel rooms, and sitting in a small group of people watching other dogs learn how to work (and trust me, she was watching).

Ember even made both human and canine friends. In two days, this dog was letting everyone who came up to her pet her.

I couldn't be more proud of my girl.

- bc Body nl - 02-28-2017

Wauw, great to watch her with you!
Yes, you can see the things you tell, and how she trusts you in this the wagging tail all the time. Sweet girl Heart

- only-borders - 02-28-2017

Yahoo Way to go Ember.

- jaceyd - 02-28-2017

Greenstars Fantastic!!!!! Real progress!!

- Quirkydog - 02-28-2017

OMG Chris that is amazing.
Ember was showing displacement behaviour and you remove more pressure. You avoided frontal pressure. She likes side pats. I love how your body language is inviting her in all the time.
I have played with all my dogs each having a different play style. However I struggle with Draco we have come along way but he always has a little suspicion about him. I am thinking of taking the Fenzi building relationships through play next session

- Ember - 02-28-2017

I highly suggest that, QD. We only touched maybe an hour on play - I couldn't imaging what a whole class could do. Unfortunately I can't take it this session, as much as I'm dying to. Denise was almost downright pushy with the "you must take nose work, I'll even contact Julie for you". So we're taking THAT at gold and finishing out the Focus course with Focus Games at bronze. I wish I had more money LOL!

- Loyal Border - 02-28-2017

Look at her go! 5210 You two make a great team, keep it up! Snoopy

- Quirkydog - 02-28-2017

Nosework creates confidence in a dog, it also workng with natural behaviour. And the balance of control is in the dogs favour.
I can see why she wants you to do it.

- Trifan - 02-28-2017

Cheer Thank you for sharing, I am impressed with the way she coped with the noise and distractions. Cheer

- Gideon's mom - 02-28-2017

Wow! You could see how much all the noise at the beginning was bothering her, but she was working really hard at ignoring it and going on with what you wanted her to do. That was an amazing show of trust.