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Fenzi Classes - Tasha's&Mattie'sMom - 03-15-2017

Anyone who has taken classes with Fenzi.  I'm looking at taking a couple of classes in the April, June, and August sessions.  Tasha has some basic commands, lots of agility experience, and trick training and is super confident.  Mattie is timid and fearful of anything new but we are taking agility lessons and her confidence is building.  Mattie's is very limited in her basic commands and tricks. 

I'm mainly just looking for something to keep them busy when our temperatures get too hot to enjoy being outside.  Something we can build on later or something just for fun, it doesn't matter to me. 

Any suggestions?

RE: Fenzi Classes - Ember - 03-15-2017

Nosework for Mattie! Supposedly the fearful dog's dream. I'm taking it with Ember, hopefully at Gold. That's in April.

Or you could do Boogieman which is good for both dogs as it is a stress "rehab" for any sort of stress - everything from competition stress to fearful stress. I took that one and Empowerment and it was awesome.

I'm dying to know what the Imitation and Mimicry class is. The trailer for it looked so fun - a sort of simon says.

There are so many... I haven't looked past April. Arg!

RE: Fenzi Classes - Trifan - 03-16-2017

That "Initation and Mimicry course sounds like it might be like a "Do as I Do" course I have seen demonstrations of. Awesome fun !

RE: Fenzi Classes - Ember - 03-16-2017

I'm severely tempted to take that one at Bronze just so I can see how it's done...

RE: Fenzi Classes - Tasha's&Mattie'sMom - 03-16-2017

There are so many classes that it is difficult to decide. I have been interested in trying nosework, Mattie loves using her nose. When we are at agility trials I take Mattie on long walks just so she can explore all the interesting scents. Our high temperature was 87 yesterday. Summer will be here soon and I'm looking for some fun things to do with the dogs in the house to keep them entertained. The Boogieman class looks good too. In June they offer 'Foundation Skills for Rally-FrEe and Musical Freestyle'. That looks like lots of fun. I don't know if Mattie is ready for something like that but I think my daughter and Tasha would have fun with it.

RE: Fenzi Classes - Ember - 03-16-2017

Oh my goodness I want to try the musical freestyle! I may take the class but we'll see where Ember is at at that point. I would love for her to like it but I think it's too "in the handler's personal space" for Ember's comfort.

So many yes, so so difficult to decide!

I may need a second dog to justify all these extra classes I want to take...

RE: Fenzi Classes - Quirkydog - 03-20-2017

Haha welcome to Fenzi. There are soooooo many and it is sooooo addictive.
Trifan I look at do as I do course to. I am gong to take my firstGold with Deb Jones in shaping and beyond. I will be a little behind as I am away at a trial that first weekend in April.
BTW. Nosework is a very good choice to build confidence.

RE: Fenzi Classes - Ember - 03-22-2017

Got my gold in Nosework! Did anyone else sign up for anything this session?

RE: Fenzi Classes - Tasha's&Mattie'sMom - 03-22-2017

I still need to decide. I will sign up for bronze since I'm so busy with other things but I want to sign up no later then this weekend. I don't want to procrastinate and miss out.

RE: Fenzi Classes - Quirkydog - 03-23-2017

My first Gold, Thank you Ember for all the tech support.