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New owner of BC - JacktheBC - 04-10-2017

My name is Christie and I just joined this forum this morning.  My fiancée Tom and I have had our male Border Collie Jack for a little over two weeks now.  He is such an awesome dog!  We did a lot of research for a couple of years and finally decided that a BC would be a good fit for us.  Jack is so loving and loyal.

RE: New owner of BC - Greg - 04-10-2017

Action-smiley-030 Hello and  Welcome-sign12

RE: New owner of BC - Loyal Border - 04-10-2017

Hello and welcome! Pictures of Jack would be much appreciated. There is never such a thing as too many BC pics, only too few! Blush

RE: New owner of BC - Trifan - 04-10-2017


RE: New owner of BC - Ember - 04-10-2017

Hi and welcome! Can't wait to meet your little guy (I saw LB requested pictures Wink ). Big Grin

RE: New owner of BC - only-borders - 04-10-2017

Action-smiley-030 Welcome to ABC. Yes to pics.

RE: New owner of BC - Gideon's mom - 04-10-2017

Hi and welcome!

RE: New owner of BC - Oenoke - 04-17-2017

Hi and welcome