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Dogs eating choclate biscuits - Stuart-h - 04-10-2017

Both of my dogs have managed to steel a choclate biscuit each! Would it cause them any problems at all?

RE: Dogs eating choclate biscuits - Trifan - 04-10-2017

Cheeky monkeys ! Chocolate is toxic to dogs but with the amount in one chocolate biscuit each I personally wouldn't worry too much if my dogs did it.

RE: Dogs eating choclate biscuits - Ember - 04-10-2017

I wonder if they worked together and then shared the bounty? Big Grin

RE: Dogs eating choclate biscuits - Loyal Border - 04-10-2017

Depends on how big the biscuit was and the kind of chocolate. Dark chocolate is the worst for them, milk chocolate isn't quite as bad and for white chocolate there is almost no worry. With that said though they would need to eat more than just a few pieces to be put in a life threatening situation.

Apart from a belly ache and maybe some diarrhea they should be fine. Big Grin

RE: Dogs eating choclate biscuits - Keller-b-border - 04-10-2017

I don't worry until a certain quantity. I had to call the vet on Keller's first Christmas when a bag of mini candy bars each separately wrapped and nine month old Keller both got forgotten momentarily alone in a room. Wrappers and all devoured. I don't know which freaked me out more....all the little wrappers or the chocolate. We had to induce vomiting boy was that a Christmas to remember. YUCKY I still am cautious with small amounts of but it does not scare me like it used to.

RE: Dogs eating choclate biscuits - Gideon's mom - 04-10-2017

For milk chocolate, it's 1 oz. per pound of body weight. For dark chocolate and cocoa powder, I think it's 1/4 oz. per pound of body weight. It's unlikely that a biscuit would have that much in it.

RE: Dogs eating choclate biscuits - Stuart-h - 04-19-2017

one of my mad dogs has been at the choclate biscuits again. Don't know how many he has eaten! Any one reckon he'll have any problems?

Ive put the rest of the packet in the bin so he cant gwt them!

RE: Dogs eating choclate biscuits - Quirkydog - 04-19-2017

My GSD stole so much chocolate it was crazy. The problem was our mail was delivered through a letterbox into the house. My family would insist on sending my kids chocolate.
I told them to send it to my husbands barrack address, but they would not listen. So I started taking pics of the destroyed packages with my Bruno and said he said thank you very much. They then listen, lol.

My point is I am not being complacent but I think your dogs will be ok with that amount

RE: Dogs eating choclate biscuits - Stuart-h - 04-19-2017

Hope so quirky. Both of my mad hooligans are food theves!

RE: Dogs eating choclate biscuits - Cappy - 04-19-2017

Honestly I think the choc, onion thing is over rated.  I see folks saying deadly toxic to those but my grand mother ahd a lil mut that had a dish full of M& M's for treats she got prolly6 or more and when grand kids showed up more and lived to be 18 years old.

My child hood dog lived on mostly table scraps ad table scraps in cajun country have lots of onions in them.  That dog died of natural causes at the age of 17 years.