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Hello - flash_a-ah - 05-05-2017

I am Flash. Im a border collie cross(part huntaway) but dont judge me for that. I like to play with balls and roll around in fields. Im a little nuts at times but on the whole im a very well behaved pup who just likes to play and show how good i am.

RE: Hello - Quirkydog - 05-05-2017

Flash you look and sound like my type of dog❤️

RE: Hello - only-borders - 05-05-2017

Hi and welcome Flash. You sound like a lot of fun.

RE: Hello - Loyal Border - 05-05-2017

Welcome-group Flash sounds like a handsome handful of trouble! Tongue

RE: Hello - flash_a-ah - 05-05-2017

Flash is an extrememly social pup. Wants to make friends at everyone. But from what i have read all working breeds they are all chèeky troublemakers. He is no different. The huntaway in him make him want to just run. Good thing we have a good recall for his age. But the selective hearing is worse than my teenagers lol

RE: Hello - Ember - 05-05-2017

Nice to meet ya, handsome pup! He's precious! And he definitely looks cheeky enough to be a lovable trouble maker LOL! Welcome to the boards Smile

RE: Hello - Trifan - 05-05-2017

Hello and Welcome. What a happy face !!!

RE: Hello - Cappy - 05-06-2017

Welcome!! I really look forwards to hearing about the adventures of Flash.

RE: Hello - Daisy221 - 09-13-2017

Hello there! I am newbie here and i love dog .