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New member, new Pup! Zygy's Diary - Tamberav - 05-08-2017

Hello everyone, I have a new 14 week old shepherd/collie mix pup. The mother is Border Collie/Australian Shepherd and the father is Rough Collie/German Shepherd and they are working dogs on a cattle farm. 

I decided to join this forum because my pupper is growing and showing some personality traits from the Border Collie side in him. He likes to have a job and sometimes drops his head and gets the eye look to focus on a task. He takes every task seriously, whether it is fetch or practicing sit. He doesn't really have any bad behaviors though, just typical puppy stuff he is still learning like when he gets over excited and a bit mouthy, ect. He was very shy of other dogs/people but is getting better. He started puppy class last week which uses all positive training and his shyness melted away within 15 minutes. 

In the past I have had Golden Retrievers and a Siberian Husky. I am new to the herding breeds but not to training. I have competed in agility and obedience before but many years ago. The husky had endless energy when she was young and was extremely smart, could open the closet, open the zipper to the dog bag and then open the jar of treats. I used her for skijoring and we did obediance. Took us a bit to figure out what was going on, we thought we had forgot to put the treats away for awhile. The Goldens did a mix of agility, flyball, ski-joring, obediance, and hunting, great dogs from working lines that were very much ready to always go themselves.

My plan for the pup is agility, flyball, disc dog, and possibly dock diving IF the dog likes it. I may also do some herding but need to find a trainer with stock for it as I live in an apartment. I will do basic obedience and hopefully the dog will eventually have good recall/control off leash but don't plan to peruse this heavily in terms of competing or heeling, ect. Tricks will be fun to do though Smile

I'm not sure if I will ever compete, we'll see. Mostly just want to have fun together. I am excited to take him camping this summer!

[Image: 33692495854_1dcdd27a0f.jpg]zygy2 by Tana Jahangier, on Flickr

[Image: 34493891126_d290997993.jpg]zygy1 by Tana Jahangier, on Flickr

RE: New Pup! - Loyal Border - 05-08-2017

Hi and welcome! What's his name? Looks like he's getting ready for trouble. Tongue Camping sounds fun. I'm sure you'll enjoy it!

RE: New Pup! - Ember - 05-08-2017

Hi and welcome! So super sweet! and what a great mix of breeds! I would love to see that mix in action!

RE: New Pup! - Tamberav - 05-08-2017

Than you, his name is Zygy (Ziggy) because he loves to zig-zag around. Smile

RE: New Pup! - only-borders - 05-08-2017

Action-smiley-030 Welcome. Zygy is so cute. I bet you are going to have fun camping with him.

RE: New Pup! - Trifan - 05-08-2017

Hello and Welcome, Zygy sure is a handsome fellow.

RE: New Pup! - Tamberav - 05-08-2017

Thanks all. I am eager to see what he grows into since he is kind of a mash-up of herding breeds. So far he seems to have the thick coat of the aussie and longer like the rough collie. He is growing fast, his dad was more towards the German shepherd size. Can't decide if his ears will stand up or not, they do weird things depending how focused he is, his left one especially stands up higher when he is eyeing something. I have never had a mix before so it's kind of fascinating to me.      

He got a bath today, his very 1st bath from me at 9 weeks he cried and cried. I started using treats and now bath time is super chill.  

[Image: 34378733482_050f8e7491.jpg]bath by Tana Jahangier, on Flickr

RE: New member, new Pup! Zygy's Diary - Trifan - 05-08-2017

Particularly when wet he looks a lot like my boy Max who is purebred BC. He was 5 months in the photo, his ears settled at being tipped ears which is my favourite. Second photo just to show marking similarity.

RE: New member, new Pup! Zygy's Diary - Tamberav - 05-08-2017

Aw, Max is cute Smile His markings are very similar, Zygy has the same black patch in that area and even the white tip on the tail too Smile

RE: New member, new Pup! Zygy's Diary - Cappy - 05-08-2017

A beautiful pup, and I so look forwards to hearing of the adventures you have in store.