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My dog is broken.... - Ember - 07-06-2017

[Image: 19679078_10213832096783572_6325456158491...e=59C377DA]

RE: My dog is broken.... - Loyal Border - 07-06-2017

LOL Giggle Just contemplating life while staring at the wall it would seem.

RE: My dog is broken.... - Trifan - 07-06-2017

Wacko Funny little girl Confused

My dog is broken.... - Black Dogz - 07-16-2017

Mine too.. though she self-repaired when I tried to get a closer picture [Image: e94046ce8c6084b79f5834807cae2321.jpg]

RE: My dog is broken.... - Gideon's mom - 07-16-2017

I have no pictures of my broken dog because Gideon does NOT like cameras, but he often sleeps with front legs one way and back legs another or front and back legs one way and head the other and actually tipped away from his body. I can scratch his chin and move straight down his back.