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And so it starts... - Ember - 09-18-2017

A few months ago, Ember wasn't a fan of the crate, and didn't care enough about toys to seek them out.

All these toys were in that toy box by the window. 

And look at the crate that I have set up but done no training around. I can now find her in it almost every time she goes missing.

Also, poor Sharkie Sad

[Image: 21641036_10214567093118021_6586161908135...e=5A436DBC]

RE: And so it starts... - Loyal Border - 09-18-2017

*gasp* A crime scene! You've got a cold blooded shark killer living somewhere nearby! Yikes Tongue

Glad she's starting to play with herself! Smile

RE: And so it starts... - Ember - 09-18-2017

What is most worrisome is how clean and thorough the job was done...

RE: And so it starts... - only-borders - 09-18-2017

Take the rest of the stuffing out and sew up the hole. It can be her road kill shark toy.  Big Grin

RE: And so it starts... - Gideon's mom - 09-18-2017

We call the roadkill toys "gutless." We have a gutless squirrel, a gutless fox, a gutless weasel, a gutless bear... yeah, it's a problem.

RE: And so it starts... - Tasha's&Mattie'sMom - 09-18-2017

That is so sad! Poor Sharkie. Tasha is a terror with toys. I started only buying stuffed toys at Costco because they are inexpensive. I have a few that I reserve for Mattie because she plays nice and some others that are reserved for training. If I ask my daughter to clean the living room she knows that is code for 'pick up all the stuffing'.

RE: And so it starts... - Tasha's&Mattie'sMom - 09-18-2017

Where did you get that toy box? It is so cute!

RE: And so it starts... - Ember - 09-18-2017

Yep definitely gutting this thing. I think she stopped after she found and removed the squeaker - it was laying next to the shark on the other side. She didn't like it's sound LOL!

The toybox came from a shop called At Home. I love it!

RE: And so it starts... - Tasha's&Mattie'sMom - 09-18-2017

I Googled and there is an At Home close to me, this may be dangerous!

You are lucky Ember doesn't like squeakers, Tasha loves them! Tasha will remove them from some poor, unsuspecting, toy and chew on the squeaker like it is gum. If a human tries to get away from the horrid sound by taking a trip to the bathroom Tasha will put her face as close as possible to the gap between the bottom of the door and the floor and chew on the squeaker to make as much noise as possible. She has also been known to whine to the point of distraction if a squeaker gets under the sofa and she can't reach it (on the positive side Tasha doesn't attempt to destroy my sofa to get to the squeaker).

RE: And so it starts... - Ember - 09-18-2017

At Home is very dangerous! A lot of my decorations came from there. They have a lot of little things you could fall in love with. Thankfully for me the pricing keeps me in check - I can only usually get one thing, maybe two if I'm REALLY well behaved. I think the toy box was about $15 though - not too bad. I can't remember completely.

Oh my word that would drive me insane LOL! I actually don't think any of the dog's I've watched/kept have liked a squeaker, except one little Shitzu. Roby liked the squeaker so much he would help it "squeak" if it failed to - he would make squeaking noises as he chewed if he thought the squeaker missed a squeak. He was REALLY funny! But he also was a self-player and didn't bother you much with it Tongue