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My first rescue - Irish Collie - 12-28-2017

After losing my beloved Collie after 15 years I found all my spare time empty. After several months I started looking for a rescue. Dog's Trust always said no as I have young grandchildren that stay over once a week. Back in May I got a text from a rescue near Mersea Island in Essex. 3 year old Tri-colour bitch. Loves kids and people but can be Alpha with certain breeds. She likes all Spaniels, but can attack at random especially small dogs, recall rubbish. Started agility and she picked on two old Border Collies and ignored the young fit ones. Great dog, we love her but I will need some help from this good looking forum. Based near Rayleigh in Essex.  Thanks for reading and Happy New Year.

RE: My first rescue - only-borders - 12-28-2017

Welcome to the forums.

RE: My first rescue - Ember - 12-28-2017

Welcome to the forum indeed! Looking forward to learning more. And pictures please!

RE: My first rescue - Tasha's&Mattie'sMom - 12-28-2017

Welcome! Please post photos!

RE: My first rescue - Keller-b-border - 12-29-2017

Hello. Nice to meet you.

RE: My first rescue - Oenoke - 12-29-2017

Hi and welcome, I live in Essex, out on the Dengie, I grew up in Eastwood.

RE: My first rescue - Irish Collie - 12-31-2017

Thanks for the welcome, will upload some pictures of my Jess soon.