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What do you think? - only-borders - 01-13-2018

Will this years weather be enough to lessen the number of ticks?

I live in central Wisconsin USA. A normal winter for us can range anywhere from -30/-35 F (-34 to -37 C) with wind chills, to temps into the mid 40's F (4.4's C), and anywhere in between. 

We can get snow depths from a few inches to several feet depending on the year. This year so far it has been extremely cold with very little snow. If the ticks can burrow into the frozen ground maybe, just maybe this cold will turn out to be good for something. Keeping my fingers crossed.

RE: What do you think? - Greg - 01-13-2018

I hope you're right! If its cold enough down your way to take them out, well have no worries up here! Of course we've trained our three to not pick up any ticks. So far They be been pretty good about it!  Snoopy Snoopy Snoopy

RE: What do you think? - only-borders - 01-14-2018

Cool Good training on your part. 

We live in a tick infested county. High rate of lymes disease kills each year. We can't live in a bubble but we try to keep our dogs as safe as possible.

If you could post step by step instructions on your training method I'd be forever grateful.  Big Grin

RE: What do you think? - Greg - 01-14-2018

We're pretty fortunate to not have the level of investigation that others have. In fact, I haven't seen a tick in months here. The only time we really need to address the threat is when we go camping in, uh, Wisconsin. Now there's a savage breed of tick! I once saw one take down a full grown bager. Not a pretty sight! 
Fortunatly, training is quite simple really. We use the same method we used to train our kids to go potty in the neighbors yard. First thing you need to do is get their complete and total attention. Next, cup their face in your hands, give them a very serious and stern look (that's the hard part for me) and simply say, "No ticks". That's all there is to it! Fortunately, all three of ours are "gifted". For a "normal" Border you may have to say it twice but I believe with patience and perseverance it CAN be done! Good luck with your training and if I can be of further assistance, just let me know!

RE: What do you think? - Gideon's mom - 01-14-2018

Yep, this totally works! Mine are told they aren't allowed to have pets. This way, fleas and ticks are both covered. Unfortunately, the cat is not so easily trained, so she still gets both, but the BCs, never.

RE: What do you think? - Dakin - 02-13-2018

As much as I like the warm weather, I'm dreading the tick season. I hope the cold culled their numbers indeed.

RE: What do you think? - Trifan - 02-13-2018

We almost have no such thing as tick season anymore. There was never really a season when they weren't around but instead just not quite as bad a the middle of summer but the vet has advised that now there is hardly any difference in the number of paralysis tick cases from winter to summer.

We have many different types of ticks but the paralysis tick is only found on the eastern coast of the continent which is the most highly populated part of the country. They are so bad and kill so many dogs, I just can't understand why so many people do not protect their animals. If you find them during a daily check your dog will likely be OK but it only takes 24 hours for symptoms to start to occur and once you see a symptom your dog is in for the fight of it's life. Treatment will cost between AU$1000 & $3000. The antivenin is quite slow acting so even after treatment commences the dog can still go down hill and succumb to lung and heart paralysis. Most people cannot afford the enormous cost of critical care with a ventilator at a specialist centre which can bump the cost up to $7000. This is one of the reasons I prioritise health insurance for my dogs and will go without many things in order to pay for it. My worst nightmare would be to have to euthanise a dog for no other reason than not being able to afford treatment. I think that the less money you have, the more important it is to have insurance.

RE: What do you think? - Gideon's mom - 02-14-2018

Wow! Your tick paralysis is way worse than ours. Ours has been around forever, but is still pretty rare. Dogs start to show signs after the tick has been attached for 24 hours, but if you get the tick off, almost all dogs completely recover in a matter of hours with little to no intervention.