Playing around with Capturing/Shaping
First off, don't judge. I'm taking the Fundamentals to Training course this session at FDSA. I'm terrible, ill timed, unclear - but learning Smile.

Ember is driving me up the wall since nosework course is over, and I've already packed her things up for the move. I can tell she's bored (thought it was stress, but no - this is definitely bored!). But she's also not handling training very well (now THAT is stress related). So I decided to try something different.

Basically, I just wanted to enjoy spending time with my two girls (cat and dog). I wanted to see engagement, a desire to TRY anything - and at the same time, get Ember thinking outside of her default "wave" behavior. The beginning goal was just rewarding ANY offered behavior that wasn't a "wave" or paw touch. I started out with some props but per Ember's personality ended up removing them.

Do you guys remember my first attempts with 101 Things To Do With A Box? How much better is this!

What ended up as a completely free shaping/capturing session turned into capturing a tongue flick. It's pretty cool to see. Obviously I wouldn't bet any money on her doing it on command but I think she at least got the concept. This girl is so smart - she'd be downright brilliant if that 1% confidence level didn't hold her back.

There isn't anything better than watching a BC learn to think - except maybe watching her learn to think by watching the cat learn to think.  Blink

Time: 12:04 
(the tongue flicking thing starts around 9:45 if that is all you are interested in, but the whole session was filled with giggles and learned things)

[Image: e5Qmm5.png]

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Shaping is fun. I think it makes us better trainers, because we really need to define what you want and be quick to mark.
Sometimes what you thinking you are teaching and what the dog has taken are not always the same, too funny.
Have fun
Great training session. I see your cat is showing off a few tricks there and Ember's tongue flicking was pretty amazing. Looks like you were getting somewhere with her trying new things. A nice success, keep up the good work. Thumbsup

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