What is it?
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Yes, sure is ! It is often joked that when the good lord created creatures he ended up with a bag of leftovers and just threw them all together LOL
A bill like a duck, tail of a beaver and the feet of an otter. It is a monotreme, being one of only two types of mammals that lay eggs. They only inhabit the eastern states of Australia including the Island state of Tasmania. They are very sensitive to pressures on their habitat and are quite rare in the wild, I sat for 2 hours hidden in the shrubs at the edge of the waterway, just watching 2 of them in awe. They can be seen in wildlife centres and although very shy in the wild they are very engaging in captivity. If you put your hand in the water they nuzzle and nibble gently at your hand.

EDIT Got my facts mixed up. Platypus don't have a pouch or nipple/teat. They have a mammary gland that oozes milk that the baby licks up. Marsupials give birth to the same type of embryonic baby that makes it's way to the pouch and attaches to a teat where it stays until fully developed.
That is so cool.

One Border Collie Is Never Enough

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Here are photo's of a hatchling and a baby. So dam cute !!!

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As for extra parts, don't forget the venom sac attached to a claw. They are amazing animals!!
Gotta love 'em.
(07-16-2017, 07:46 PM)Gideon Wrote: As for extra parts, don't forget the venom sac attached to a claw.  They are amazing animals!!

Thanks GM, I did forget that part, even some of the cuties are venomous over here. It's only the males and they have spurs behind each of their back feet that secretes venom. It is imported to mention isn't it, because how many mammals produce actual venom.
Only-borders, I love seeing baby turkeys. We don't have any turkeys near our home so I have never been able to photograph them.

Trifan, I remember reading that the platypus is venomous. Why is something so cute venomous? I guess it has to do with keeping away predators?
I don't know what this is.  I found two of these in the yard.  I think it might be desert tortoise eggs that have hatched?  Any ideas?  


It was buried in the dirt and was soft, not hard like bird eggs.
Soft and/or rubbery is a clue. Perhaps tortoise or perhaps reptile. Can you tell if the eggs were once round or oval like bird eggs ? If round most likely tortoise if oval most likely reptile.
They looked round and too big to be any of the reptiles we have so I think it must be a tortoise.

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