She's even picky about raw food...
I've decided to cut Ember's portions down to 2/3 the recommended size, because she just isn't active enough to warrant a full recommended feeding Of course now I feel like I'm starving her Tongue She doesn't like the same thing too many times in a row, so she gets 1 protein for each meal. On the third meal she'll get a 3 protein combination lol.

I would like to try Roo with her, Trifan! But unfortunately Darwin's doesn't offer it Tongue

We have also come to the conclusion that beef is not her best friend. She likes it to an extent, and eating it in small and varied portions is fine (like one of her 3 rotation). She really only LOVES it if it comes out of the dehydrator. But it does mess her stomach up pretty bad for a day or two.

Right now we are getting 1 protein each patty of beef, chicken, turkey, duck, and lamb. As far as I'm aware that's all Darwin's offers.
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I've had to cut my pup's back too. They haven't been working enough to support what they were eating and it's been warm and muggy enough that they don't play outside as much either. Mine are getting 1/2 lb of raw and 3/4 cup of a high calorie kibble or they get a premix and raw meat, but still the same amount.
Gotta love 'em.
Max has also been cut back a little but Jaspers intake has been boosted a little as he is still a little on the lean side since he went backwards after his surgeries. It's been quite a while with a general increase but still not back to where I would prefer. Actually after the subject of the fat content of turkey & chicken wings came up in this thread, it dawned on me that an chicken wing in addition to normal meals every day might just do the trick so we have been giving him that for the last 4 days.

Yeah, Roo is a fantastic meat and we have them in plague proportions out west much to the dismay of graziers. It's a vicious cycle really because it is the huge amount of grazing land development that has helped provide the perfect breeding environment for them. Hunting roo's is a big industry but barely makes a dent on the population. City folk get all up in arms about Roo hunting, with it being one of our iconic creatures but they just don't understand that the population is unnaturally high. They decimate the countries grazing land and then when our long drought periods come they suffer terrible starvation also as their huge population quickly wipes everything out.

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