Best Treat/Food for 'Special' Training?
Depends on Dog
I like something not greasy or crumbly, easy to handle.
I need something that is easily eaten by the dog.
As of the value, it depends on the dog. My Golden could not work with high value good, because he could only think about the food. Draco gets worked up with high value food, so can get excitable, not good when he needs his brains when teaching something new. May needs high value not overly food motivated.
You need to know your dog.
Draco has a mix of food, which works best for him
May high value
Carter low value.

Just a point we need to consider how we "present" the treat this is very important.
We can give a big bit or a small bit
We can give one piece or several pieces
We can give it with a "there you go" attitude or "yay, party" attitude.

This alSo depends, if I am shaping, then it is one treat given quickly and quietly, I need to get as many "yes" in as possible and get a good flow.

However in other training I give several small pieces one at a time and "yay" attitude.
I also jackpot even in shaping. I also surprise toy reward on a well known behaviour. Shake it up keep the dog interested and know your dog. Bare in mind toys usually bring excitement so I would never teach something new with a toy but I would reward on behaviours known and performed well, I would reward and play in a training session to give a dog a break, I would reward and use for impulse control on well known behaviours.
How and what we use is like a huge toolbox, don't underestimate its value. Also we are a reward our self.
What energy do we bring in and how much for that dog at that particular time.

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