Frustrated - kibble or nothing when traveling
I guess my concern was me chosing the fast for her - like I am making her miss when she really could be hungry!

Indeed on the frustration, which was why I posted - I knew I was making it worse and needed to completely vent lol. You guys always keep me straight Tongue

I gave her a little more turkey last night, but asked for really simple things - sit, down, high five. On the down, she dropped like a rock and finally perked her ears forward for the first time all day. It's amazing the change asking for a little work could bring - and that work is a "happy" for her! She was very eager to please to get that turkey!

This morning she ate her normal breakfast and has waited all day until just now to chow down on a bully stick I bought her earlier. So she's already more normal.

I was going to take her out to the little mini dog park this neighborhood has for her to really get a good sniffing session in unhindered by me (assuming no other dogs were there, prepared to use strong discretion if there were dogs), but it is just too hot. Maybe when the sun starts going down. I took her on a LOOOOONG sniff walk last night (almost 45 minutes around the entire complex and even some off leash time in the empty dog park) after venting her. Though it didn't whet her appetite, it did seem to make her feel better overall. She is much happier today.

There were several things I could list that would have caused yesterday's fast:

1) She just doesn't really like traveling
2) I had a carload of stuff, including a microwave with the plate in it that rattled on every bump the entire 2 hour drive
3) She had to sit in the front seat, which she hates, because the back was full
4) I had to run the air conditioner, which she hates, because it was stinkin hot by 8am
5) It was stinkin hot
6) Brother's apartment is a "luxury" apartment with hardwood floors - which she hates, and has 0 traction on
7) I dropped her and ran to work for 5 hours in my company's office

So yea, it was completely warranted, and I was simply hoping the raw bring-along was tempting enough to counteract all of that. Of course my little, tired brain didn't put that all together until late last night. I'm still learning...
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