When would you consider yourself a "trainer"?
(10-03-2017, 07:01 PM)Ember Wrote: After reading that, Trifan, I totally understand. I put up a few postings without refering to myself as a trainer. I just don't feel comfortable putting myself among those who actually went to school for the psychology work, though I do realize most "trainers" didn't do that either. Debbie, our behaviorist, DID go to school for it and I tend to use her as a standard.

With one posting I gained 6 people wanting help, and I have worked with 4 of them already. Oh man the different dogs are so much fun! I make sure the owners know right up front that I do not do the training for them - I am not the one their dog has to listen to and work with. So I run them through drills I've learned for their specific situations, then have them do them so I can help, and then leave them with a recapping email after.

First lesson I learned - if you are going to work on loose leash walking at a 2pm appointment on a 104 F day, do that first - don't do the other things first and pump the dog full of treats. It doesn't end well.

Tonight I had a BC/GSD mix that was a blast - and completely untrusting of working with me. That was a fun one to direct without being able to show. He was also a holy terror to walk - I thought Ember was hypervigilant - he blew her out of the water.

I've already had one owner call me back to see her little Tinkerbell sitting mostly politely at the gate while she let me in the house - and I taught the owner how to train that this morning.

I do believe this is one of the most rewarding things I have done in a while. Just seeing the owner's faces light up when the dog does something it couldn't do 2 hours earlier is so much fun.

That's fantastic Ember, I think you would be really great at this. You know your abilities and your limitations so can go in with confidence. Most of all you love doing it and passion for whatever you choose to do makes the difference between ordinary and excellence. Good on you !

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