Fear Aggression / anxiety / male dominance help!
Kristen, you are in a difficult situation. I do think Chance has separation anxiety. And it could possibly stem from your divorce. Dogs know when you are under stress. I once had my now gone GSD at a class and I asked him to sit in front of me. He always did this perfectly but on this day was off. The instructor was horrible (I didn't go to the last two classes) and just reprimanded me, "He is off!" without telling me how to correct the problem. I left the class early and half way home discovered that I was coming down with a migraine. That is why my dog was off, I was off.

I'm not an expert but I don't think Chance is protecting you, I think he is resource guarding you. Mattie does this. Mattie had even done this with my sister. Mattie growled at my sister's dog in attempt to keep the dog away. I think my GSD was protective. If I was out in public with him and a small child approached or a woman or a kind man my dog would accept petting. But if some 'bad ass' kind of guy would approach me, my dog's hackles would go up and when the person asked if they could pet my dog I had to tell them 'no'. He never tried to protect me from someone that was a friend, only people that were threatening.

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