Well, first of all, I agree with all of the above.   If you can find and afford a good trainer that is the ideal and never let Key practice the behavior.  If that means always taking him out on a leash every time he needs to potty then that is what you will need to do.  I always supervise my two when I let them out because I live in an area with coyotes, rattle snakes, scorpions, and black widows so letting the collies roam free in the yard isn't a good idea.  Don't worry, your pup won't suffer if he can't have unsupervised time in the yard.

Key's reaction could be aggression, fear, or just a fun game.  My Mattie is fearful.  Whenever she growls, barks, or snaps at a dog it is because she is afraid.  It is my job to protect her so I avoid any situation where she feels the need to protect herself.  "Mattie, get behind Mommy, I will take care of this scary thing" has become the way I deal with Mattie's fears.  Fearful dogs need to know that someone will help them.  They need to know that it isn't their job to scare off the horrible thing.

Tasha is my confident dog and she taught me that sometimes what looks like aggression is just a game.  There is a very fear reactive dog in our agility class and at some point Tasha figured out that she could set him off by giving him a "hard stare".  All the other dogs in the class Tasha would ignore but if this one dog was near her she would flip her head around and stare at him... and he would lunge and bark and she would do the same.  This was a game for Tasha and not a game I wanted her to play.  She started staring at other dogs to try to set them off.  It took a few months but I was able to cure her of the habit and we can take an agility class with that reactive dog and Tasha is fine and Tasha is out of the habit of trying to set off other dogs.  

You won't get an easy or fun solution to the issues you are having but every amount of work you put into Key will be worth the effort.

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