Do you have any other Pet(s)?
I have a three year old Siberian, named jazzy,& some fish
I also had a cat named Lena,who died at 11 months. From F.I.P.
We have a 9 year old cat named Sammy and a goldfish we won at the fair last year (surprised it's still alive, lol)
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We don't have any other pets at the moment. In the past we've had rabbits and degus. Smile
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I did have 2 cats. Unfortunately 1 is currently missing and the other was put to sleep this evening after an inoperable mouth tumour started affecting her quality of life. I do also have 2 chickens named Korma and Byriani. Stan and Nathan both have a tropical fish tank each
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We currently have Dewi (the three-legged spaniel x) and a guinea pig named Ella - Both rescues.

In the past there has been at least 15 other guinea pigs, 4 rabbits, 5 hamsters, 2 gerbils, numerous fish and my old favourite Turks, my horse. All have passed away bar Turks who is living a happy life with someone else now as my life meant it was no longer fair on him, miss him lots but know it was the right decision. The money from Turks went towards Fergus and he's not going anywhere Big Grin
- Morwenna and Fergus Big Grin

'One of the seven great dogs'
So sorry for your loss missbaritone, I hope the other cat comes home safe and sound x

I have 2 staffies, a chihuahua x, a hamster, tropical fish and african landsnails.
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I'm also really sorry about your cat missbaritone and I really hope your other one comes home safe and sound.

I have 2 chinchillas and a little cute crossbreed of a dog called Moomoo. Other that my family pets include my two old boys a springer and a collie and two cats Smile.
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I am also sorry to hear about your cats missbaritone. Hope it comes home soon.

Mia wouldn't do well if we had any other pets here, but I grew up with cats and from the age of 10 had a black lab called Chloe who sadly passed away last night (she lived with my dad).
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I have a 15 year old bichon frise Smile
I have two 6 month old kittens called Ethel and Mabel. We also have 13 pigs and 8 turkeys but I wouldnt class them as pets

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