2Stroke-What Kind Of Collie Am I?
Hi all, my name is 2Stroke/soxxi and I'm a unlike collie!
I have an extremely long tail, my coat isn't as long as a border collie but flat and smooth also. My nose is very long and pointed also! My owners and Aunty think I'm border collie cross Argyll collie!
Help please!

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Its very hard to tell from your picture but bear in mind border collies come in all different sizes, shapes andcoat lengths. Just look at the 2 in my signature. Zeus is a large rough coated blue merle. Kelly is a small smooth coated black and white. (see not all borders have long coats). Something about the shape of your head in the 3rd picture reminds me of a labrador though
[Image: bth_lovedog.jpg][Image: bth_zeus.jpg]
Thanks Smile
Turns out she's an Argyll colliefluff Smile nuts considering out of all 9 of our dogs we have one called Argyll lol!
Thanks for replying Smile
Whats an Argyll Collie?

Just looks like a BC to me...
[Image: smallerharveyimage.jpg]

[Image: zt29.png]
Never heard of an Argyll Collie. Looks like a smooth coated Border Collie to me. This is my Teagan, ISDS registered and KC registered on the Border Collie breed register, she's a smooth coated Border Collie.
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[Image: IMG_1730_edited-1.jpg]
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I tried to look Argyll Collie up but I couldn't find anything about them anywhere, I'm very interested now.
I would assume that Cumulous here is misspelling a dog's breed. I have even seen BC owners call their dogs Boarder Collies, so it's not too surprising. Or Argyll could refer to a particular line of working dogs, I'm doing research on that right now.
EDIT: 'we looked up the breeder of his dog, Julie Metz, Argyll Collies, and bought our first male from her.' Quoted from Braeton Collies' History page.
'His dam was line-bred on the Argyll family of collies.' Quoted from Rainforest Collies' Past page.
Apparently Argyll Collies were a line of show-bred Rough Collies. How I love the internets.
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