Thinking about adopting a BC
Hi guys, I am the happy owner of an amazing dog, Nico, he's a tricolor smooth coat BC, the dude's more like my best friend, but lately I am feeling like he might be in need of a brother. We go out to the mountain often and I take him to the beach as often as possible, he is a happy dog but I think he might be happier with a brother.

We live in Costa Rica, a tropical paradise, that's why we can go to the beach or the mountain so easily... /yahoo

I've been in the market for a Merle, rough haired BC, a male so I can avoid bringing more puppies into the world. The price is kinda expensive for a working dog, $600-$800, and that got me thinking that it might be a good idea to adopt one in the US and flying him out here. Maybe it'll be more expensive but I'd be providing a home for a dog in need.

Do any of you guys have information on how could this be achieved and the amount that it would cost me to get him here?

I am very interested and any help will be greatly appreciated!
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I don't have much information in terms of rescue but I just wanted to say that I think that is an great thing you want to do.

The only rescue I know of is Mid America Border Collie Rescue. You can google them and find their website. I'm sure other people on the board will have more information about rescues.
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