Hugs from my Best Friend
Well... one of them at least, my other best friend was out playing with my OH. Scapa and I had been on a 9 mile walk, so we we just wanting to chill out...

[Image: PerthandKinross-20131116-00395_zps125ec6c9.jpg]

[Image: PerthandKinross-20131116-00397_zpsfb86f987.jpg]

Can't beat hugs from your dogs Smile
Great pics! So sweet, nothing better than having a cuddle with the dog Smile

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Hugs are great. I get them from my guys every day when I get home from work /cuddle
That looks like the perfect way to chill!
Gotta love 'em.
Cute photos! Love getting cuddles from my 3 Smile

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My idea of THE perfect day - long walk in the fresh air then an evening snuggled up on the sofa with a contented dog Love Perfect! /cuddle
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