In Rowe, NM
I see Chaos' ad ran again yesterday, so I take it he still needs a home.
Hi everyone

ok so maybe Chaos was not the best pick but it does fit him!!!!

I want to reassure everyone that Chaos is not going to any old home, I did Border Collie rescue for 10 years of those I was president of New England Border Collie Rescue for 4. No one is getting this pup unless I'm 100% sure it is the right home.

If anyone hears of a potential great home not too far away from Santa Fe NM feel free to pass on my email [email][/email]

thanks for caring
Thank you for the update on Chaos. And I am sorry about the comment about his name. It makes me sad we are not closer. We have a young guy he would possibly enjoy playing with and a pretty cool border collie community in the dog club I am a member in. I will keep my ears open down by you.
oh I take no offense on the comments about Chaos's name, I should have known better lol
[attachment=7849] I am sure there are much worse names out there and he does not completely match his name. I think he would have matched my Keller pretty well both in looks and personality Keller is his opposite mellow fellow they could have balanced each other out. The photo was taken when he came home last May. He is eleven months today.
oh you are right they very much look alike!
I hope you don't mind but I passed Chaos's info on to my breeder she is SLIGHTLY closer in Arkansas. She said she would keep her ears open for someone down around the south there with the right fit. She is a nice lady, good with her pups Smile

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