Docked tails ... just freak me out!
No you don't sound judgemental at all!

It is exactly the keeping up with the breed standards that annoys me. Obviously today the vast majority of dogs will not be used for their original purpose, but as a family companion, maybe a performance dog.
Now I think it is just not fair of AKC to say "Well originally xy was bred to do yz, so we better tell everyone to dock the tails" Why no case-by-case decision? Like, a mini who will herd geese or even not herd at all, why dock the tail so no sheep step on it?
Well circumcision is illegal in my homecounrty, too...
Really! Wow. I did it because it was easier to clean plus I did not want my son to wonder why he was different from dad, and a good amount of other dudes. Plus little boys are so poor at hygiene. I know of boys who had infections. It's hard enough to get a my boy to wash hands, use tissue, brush and floss, and bathe. Plus keeping track of whether he changes his under clothes daily. I knew boys are this way from the start of independence to somewhere in the teens. I just wanted one less thing to harp about. It is what I am used to seeing so the other way is kinda unappealing to me. And why did I bring up such a umm private subject that really has NOTHING to do with this thread!?!? My bad! I do not know what is wrong with me!? Forgive me, must be cabin fever. /shrug
Soya I completely agree! I mentioned in the why did you get your dog thread, that the people/person responsible for deciding breed standards are guilty of fooling with Mother Nature and animal abuse in my eyes as some of the standards of some breeds affect their health and quality of life in a significantly negative way. That is just my point of view though. Seriously what is WRONG with me lately!!?!? I wrote a pretty heated e mail to my school board last week so it is not just here. I need to get out more good grief. Rolleyes /peace
Soya,'index.php?page=Thread&postID=166145#post166145 Wrote:No you don't sound judgemental at all!
Do you mean me?
Didn't intend to be, just expressing an opinion. Usually put smiley faces to show no offence intended but obviously forgot on this occasion. (Actually just looked to put one here, must be having a senior moment because I can't find it??)

Keller-b-border -
As if often the case, its a cultural thing. In my culture its the norm not to do as routine and my 3 grown up boys say they are very glad I didn't :-) (still can't see that damn smiley face??)
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No furface, keller said she hoped she didn't sound judgemental Smile
Ah geez Louies . Fur face I am sorry /doh you get glancing around at all the smileys, different names and reading I blank out who's name I saw where! Giggle it is a cultural thing. It is becoming more common here as everyone turns to the latest thing of organic, all natural, earth friendly thing. Along with cloth diapers. Mostly I am just too lazy for those things. /quiet
Soya,'index.php?page=Thread&postID=166158#post166158 Wrote:No furface, keller said she hoped she didn't sound judgemental Smile
Ooops! Rolleyes

This is the trouble with forums, its soooo easy to see things that aren't there! :-)

Am I getting senile or something??!! I'm sure there used to be a small smiley face and I just can't find the flippin' thing??!!
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Keller-b-border,'index.php?page=Thread&postID=166141#post166141 Wrote:I would find it kinda hypocritical if the AKC did do the changes as they do not accept the border as is, and tend to exclude all other colors aside from the black and whites. PLUS look at all the standards they have altered to the detriment of some breeds. The German shepards, the boxers, the pugs, the king cavalier Charles. There are more I am sure. That just seems wrong to me. Sorry once again I am being a ranting argumentative sounding jerk. Thumbdown Unsure
They haven't necessarily altered those standards at all. It's just the fad that Judges have decided they are looking for. The pug standard doesn't say that their face should be so shoved in that they can't breathe, or that their mouth should be so short that they need palate surgery, or that they should be so deformed that they shouldn't be able to breed naturally or give birth naturally. But all those traits are what they got because they bred to extremes that the judges started placing.
Gotta love 'em.
SHAME ON THOSE JUDGES!!!!! /whack /beat

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