Docked tails ... just freak me out!
Soya,'index.php?page=Thread&postID=166111#post166111 Wrote:So I am from Europe originally and in our home country it is illegal for the vast majority of people to dock tails and/or ears. Only certified hunters are allowed and even though most of them leave their dogs naturally.

It really creeps me out to see docked dogs. I mean, why dock the tail of a Weimaraner that is never going to hunt? Of a mini that is never going to herd? Dock the ears of Dobis so they look "better"?

Does anyone understand me? Was a reason for me to pick a BC, too. I was looking into Aussis and Minis but most breeders seemed very opposed to leaving the tails undocked.
In the US we are behind most of Europe in many socio-cultural dimensions. You are merely witnessing a more primitive and violent culture. Our cops kill vastly more people than police virtually anywhere -- and our citizens sit on juries and say they think that's okay. But few cultures have evolved far enough. We can applaud the end of ear cropping but we still kill billions of animals a year for our eating pleasure. So far to go...
The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.

-- Mahatma Gandhi
I am also originally from the Uk. And not used to seeing cropping and docking. I prefer natural. It is hard to change mind sets though. I know breeders who said they would quit breeding and showing them it it was banned here. I am seeing slowly breeders who,are not docking. Most are concerned about being overlooked in the ring. My Aussie breeder friend has never had a naturally bobbed tail, they are all docked.
Another problem is for show dogs, the breeders have no idea what tails they have inadvertently bred into their dogs. They worry that they have some wrong tail sets which they would have to breed out. Oh don't you love show dogs! Historically dogs were docked not to avoid injury but to avoid taxes on the dog.
Tail taxes!? Huh.? QD

As for eating animals. Aside from the human on human violence and being behind other countries\cultures.level of civilzed is a good point if I understand the comparison? Vegetarian is a lifestyle? if one has the knowledge and good resources to choose to do so. But man has been eating meat since the dawn of time?
A docked tail meant a working dog so you were not taxed on in. I know barbaric

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