Docked tails ... just freak me out!
So I am from Europe originally and in our home country it is illegal for the vast majority of people to dock tails and/or ears. Only certified hunters are allowed and even though most of them leave their dogs naturally.

It really creeps me out to see docked dogs. I mean, why dock the tail of a Weimaraner that is never going to hunt? Of a mini that is never going to herd? Dock the ears of Dobis so they look "better"?

Does anyone understand me? Was a reason for me to pick a BC, too. I was looking into Aussis and Minis but most breeders seemed very opposed to leaving the tails undocked.
I agree with the ear thing. Pretty sure a lot of Aussies are born with nubs for tails. There is one in class that has only one fourth of a tail it was that way from the start. I don't know if the tails on rotties or dobies are natural or not but I think they would look creepy WITH full tail. Probably because I have not seen them that way. I kinda think the butt wiggle on an Aussie is cute. I was consindering the Aussie when I chose border collie but I liked the more natural dog leanness and characteristics of the border.
I believe a certain percentage of Aussies is born with a naturally short tail, yes, however I think only about 20%? So sure, these dogs are naturally tail-less Smile
I actually have a friend with an undocked rottie and think she is supercute Smile
I could be wrong but AKC set the standards for the rotties and dobies to have docked tails so the breeders here must do all the pups because that may be what people expect. There may be the rare ones that don't but as I said I have never seen them.something about short hair dogs tails bug me. Maybe because I love the way longer haired dogs fan out and blow in the wind. I like to brush them run my fingers through them. The short hair just looks like one giant wiry stiff hair, or some strange appendage to me. But I am a long hair racist. It's a tactile soothing thing. Thus the long hairs would look more appealing to me. Do't get me wrong I was playing with a German pointer and Great Danes last night I don't hate them. Talk about looking sad one Dane was a pup with his ears all taped because they got altered. They DO look much cuter floppy I think.

Talk about dog breedist. I got my feelings hurt last night. I was in the office at the club last night and saw this border collie calendar and made an awe sound. The lady next to me stopped talking to her friend and asked me awe what. Just this border collie calendar. She got this snotty annoyed tone " border collie border collie border collie I hate border collies" (she has an American boxer, and a perfectly lovely one at that, I have helped in her class and handled her dog.) my immediate instinct was to run, but I just got this shocked well I'm sorry out I didn't know. And left as she stumbled through no no that's okay to each his own. I don't know if I talked about the breed or my dog too much, or she is just sick of seeing them around the place or what. I don't think they are the most common dog there. I think I will just shut up and stay away from her not volunteer to help her class.

Sorry to wine, this is the first I have told anyone and it has been bugging me.
Don't feel hurt!........don't pay any attention to that comment. Years ago I was working with a trainer to help me with my Airedales 'over the top' prey drive. At one point during the weekend we ended up having a long conversation about BC's, I had one at the time. He was waxing lyrical about how much he admired, respected and loved to work with these dogs, so I asked him why he didn't live with one. He laughed and said "honestly, I don't ever want to find myself in a position where one of my dogs is smarter than me!!!" Big Grin

Secretly, I think lots of people feel that way about our dogs, and they turn it around by declaring exasperation or dislike of the breed.

Their loss, our gain. /wag
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I hate docked tails and ears.
Tails are a big part of dog language - must be difficult for other dogs to read a docked dog?
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Have you noticed how many dogs with docked tails wiggle their whole butt to wag? That has got to be proof that docking throws off their balance. I've heard that AKC is moving towards changing standards that require tail docking, however any progress that they make is bound to be glacial. I have always preferred breeds that have a natural look.
Gotta love 'em.
Dogs have adapted and changed so quickly over the years they probably adapted to these dog's altered communication? Although you may be right it does seem they tend to " stir the pot" so to speak a little more and more often from what I have observed. It could just be those groups were exceptions and I may be speaking out of turn. I have seen them enter perfectly calmly. The rotties seem so laid back and so cuddly personality wise, if I had not seen or heard about how protective of their home they could be, they would be one shorthair I would not mind. Although I prefer the tail docked. They do it at such a young age it is almost like a circumcision in my opinion. They have no medical reason to do it people do it of preference.

Besides these breed owners probably do the tails because back in the day it was done for a practical safety reason and they want to keep with the history of their breed, just as working border people want to passionately keep with the practical historical use of the breed, despite a large number of them do not use them for their intended purpose. I don't. So because it is breed standard, historical of the breed, and that is what I am used to and prefer to see in these breeds I think I will leave their tales alone. Sorry if I sound judgie or argumentative Unsure just putting it out there. Unsure /peace
I would find it kinda hypocritical if the AKC did do the changes as they do not accept the border as is, and tend to exclude all other colors aside from the black and whites. PLUS look at all the standards they have altered to the detriment of some breeds. The German shepards, the boxers, the pugs, the king cavalier Charles. There are more I am sure. That just seems wrong to me. Sorry once again I am being a ranting argumentative sounding jerk. Thumbdown Unsure
Keller-b-border,'index.php?page=Thread&postID=166139#post166139 Wrote:They do it at such a young age it is almost like a circumcision in my opinion.
I think that's wrong too, unless there is a legitimate medical need.
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