Bellla is back at the shelter
I am so sorry you had to go through that, but at least you tried giving her a home. I hope you all are okay after this. I am sure it was a very hard thing to do to take Bella back but we will all hope and pray she gets the right kind of home for her.
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Very sorry to hear this. Its a wonderful thing you did to adopt a dog in need from a shelter, unfortunately sometimes you don't know what issues got them there in the first place Sad
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Aw Greg that sucks! Sorry to hear it didn't work out with her, I really hope they find another home for her, without other pets... Please let us know!
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I'm so sorry Greg! You DID THE RIGHT THING! Perhaps that is why she was relinquished to the shelter in the first place. They will do what is right for her now that they know what the issues are.

I hope Susie heals quickly.
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