Bellla is back at the shelter
Bellas first day with us went really well. She seemed like she was going to fit right in. In day two she attacked Ozzie over a toy. Not the typical nip and take it away kind of thing you'd expect when introducing a new dog but the repeated lunge, bite, draw blood type. Two days later she did it again. Didn't draw blood that time but still very aggressive.Yesterday afternoon my wife was putting her in her crate when some workers showed up. She went half way in, my wife patted her on the butt and called her a good girl when she spun around and attacked her. Bit her in the face enough to where it took twelve stitches to sew her back up. Needless to say, Bella doesn't live here anymore. I brought her back to the shelter last night where she is under a 10 day bite quarantine. We both feel awful about this! ShWe really thought/hoped it would work. She was such a sweet girl 99% of the time.Gives kisses, hugs, walks well on a leash, just a really sweet girl. When she gets over stimulated is when she attacks. I went back to the shelter this morning to plead her case. I'm hoping they find a rescue to take her otherwise they'll probably have to put her down. Big-tears She would do really well in a home without other dogs or kids. At least that's what I'm hoping 3d-sad
Sorry to hear this. Sad You did the right thing. She obviously has some major issues to cause her to be so aggressive to your wife - twelve stitches ouch! Hope your wife feels better soon!
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I'm so sorry to hear you had to go through that but you did the right thing. I hope she finds someone who can give her a good home.
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So sorry to hear it didn't work out Sad You did the right thing though. Hope your wife heals quickly.
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So sorry to hear this. You did the right thing, it was the reason I didn't keep Linus the other year, not that he bit a person, but he was repeatedly attacking poor Teagan and each time less time in between and worse injuries, the last time he broke her collar and she had several puncture wounds around her neck, the time before he bit her right by her eye, she still has a scar. I hope your wife is better soon, it must have been so scary for her.
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im so sorry greg but as everyone has said it was the right thing, you wouldnt want to live worrying that it could happen again. i hope your wife is okay
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Thank you everyone. I appreciate the words of encouragement and reassurance I did the right thing.I've said it before and I'll say it again. You guys are awesome. I seriously don't know what I'd do without you all in my life. After I brought Bella back to the shelter I stopped at home to feed Tango and Ozzie on my way to the ER. Cried like a baby. I can't believe how attached I got to her in such a short period of time. It was like I was bringing her to be put down. Weird I know but that's how I felt. Susie is sitting in the recliner now with an ice pack on her cheek and I can't stop thinking about Bella. What does that say about me? Anyway, thanx again for being here. It means the world to me. Heart
I wouldn't keep an aggressive dog either. Maybe someone will be able to help her, but you did good sending her back to keep your family safe. /cuddle
/comfort So sorry Greg. I'm also sorry Susie got bit, hope she heals quickly.

Fingers crossed Bella finds a new home. You DID do the right thing.

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I'm so sorry Greg that things didn't work out you did the right thing and hopefully Bella will find a new home x

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