puupy diahorea
Murphy has been with us now for only 3 days and hes doing fab considering the filthy place we rescued him from. i have no idea what they were feeding him (if at all as he is very thin) but i can assume it was nothing better than value tinned meat. first thing we did after collecting Murphy (and registering him at vets) was take a trip to the LPS and after much discussion with the staff and our previous knowledge we chose wainwrights puppy feed.
thing is as we had nothing to mix with from what he was on before he has gone straight onto it. he is fed slightly more than the reccomended for his age, as we are using the biscuits as rewards too. not huge amounts more obviously but a little more than the reccommended. since last night he has had awful diahorea.hes not going uncontrolabley (only one accident indoors) but non the less its not at all solid.
should i be 24 fasting him with rice water? or carry on for a few days and hope his tummy settles on its own?
If he's really not good take him to the vets as puppies can go downhill quickly and if he's not had any vaccs before you got him there's the risk it could be Parvo.

Never starve a puppy, feed little and often, he should be on 3 meals a day, but it may be worth going to 4 meals a day for a while, you could give chicken and rice for a couple of days as this is easy to digest.

Has he been wormed? If you only just wormed him when you got him this can upset his tummy, especially if he had worms and if you didn't then he probably needs worming as you say he didn't come from the best place he probably hasn't been wormed and has worms.

I personally don't think Wainwrights is a good food, but it is better than Bakers or Pedigree, and I wouldn't keep swapping and changing unless the vet says too.
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thanks for replying. he hasnt had his vaccinations, or been wormed. the closest the vet could get us in is on saturday. he will be getting the full works on saturday. fleas, vacs, wormed etc etc. also included in the price i pay is a bag of royal canine food, so i might see what the vet reccomends. i will keep a close eye on him for the parvo. we havent taken him out anywhere since we have had him, but lord only knows what they other people were allowing him to do. thanks for your advice re feeding him. i am feeding 3 times a day but might go down to 4 slightly smaller portions and see if that helps.
Did the vet. run tests for worms and other issues? Keller would develop the runs randomly from time to time from nerves and had issues with lower priced dog foods. I would watch him while giving him chicken and rice for meals. If he did not improve by three days or got worse he was at the vet.s office. Especially if there was blood or what looked like stomach bile. However he was a bit older and did not come from poor living conditions when I got him. So I would watch Murphy closer as stated above. I was concerned it would affect his weight and most of all the risk of dehydration. In the end Keller has a sensitive stomach issue as all other stuff was eliminated with each bout as he got older. He is on Royal Canine a prescription version. It seems to be a good food. I do not know if you will need the prescription version. I will say it is a bit more expensive than even the higher end not so bigger commercialized lower priced dog foods I bought. Well worth it to solve the problem. Some others may not have the same results from said food. Every dog's tummy is different I think. But cheaper foods you get what you pay for sometimes. I hope the guy gets well soon. There is a lot to adjust to emotionally and then throw in adjusting to food I would have a wonky tummy too 8| Hang in there guys.
I like to give canned pumpkin to pups with diarrhea. No spices just plain pumpkin. Heaping tablespoon at every meal.

Good luck with the little guy and let us know what the vet has to say.

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People here said to use rice , it works but he will eat it for just awhile. Will not drink the water. Sad

They also mentioned to use canned pumpkin but never said ...how to use it. Raw, or do I have to do something to it. And how much a meal and mixed
with what. How many times a day ?

He has been to the vet and all up to date with shots and stuff. They keep saying that he HAS to have mated with a female by 1 1/2, at the most 2 years old. He seems ready, but here in lower Michigan it's hard to find a perfect, OK almost perfect pure BC to mate him with. OK, perfect. Big Grin

But right now I really need some help with his stoles. They go for awhile from normal to diahorea. He's normal with weight and health. The vet said just buy a different puppy/now adult dog food. I have the best, I have better ones to choose from then what she has on her list. (sorry folks, BLUE has for about 5 years been on the bad list. I know. I bought it since it came out, but most don't know what happened about 5 years ago to put it on the Cheap, harmful, now never buy list). Big-tears
Considering his background and age I would be taking him to the vet
They may sell you food, which you could use temporarily but once pup has settled say a couple months wean pup onto some better quality food.
Sometimes though the best food is what works for the pup. I once had a cat that could only eat Royal Canin which I don't like, but it worked.
I do know several dogs with sensitive stomachs that have done well on Royal Canin.
My BC is already on the best now adult dog food. And I have seen the vet more than once about this. She just gave us a list of not good dog food, and good dog food. They said that is all they can do because he is in such great shape/health.Shrug SFun_duh25170
I had problems with Dilwyn due to stress colitis and food sensitivity. It took quite a while to sort out. I would put him on chicken and rice until you see the vet and monitor as they can go off very quickly. If you've got any homemade bone broth that's good and make sure he is drinking. As others have said you get what you pay for as far as dog food is concerned. I've found that Dilwyn is gluten sensitive so he has James Wellbeloved food which seems to suit him.
Scottie-2,'index.php?page=Thread&postID=193362#post193362 Wrote:They keep saying that he HAS to have mated with a female by 1 1/2, at the most 2 years old. He seems ready, but here in lower Michigan it's hard to find a perfect, OK almost perfect pure BC to mate him with. OK, perfect.
Who are "they" and why do "they" say he must be mated at 1 1/2, 2 at latest. That does not make any sense. I am not a breeder so Iam not 100% sure but I thought they didn't even do hip scores for potential breeders until they were 2 years old. Is he cleared by parentage or DNA testing for the known genetically inherited BC illness's ? That he appears to have an unresolved issue with his tummy and diarrhoea is not really conducive to being a good stud prospect as these sensitivities or underlying issues can be passed on. What is the dogs claim to fame that makes him such a desirable stud proposition. I have never before heard of such an urgency to mate a male in particular. Most dogs have not achieved anything that makes them outstanding at such a young age and in any event a little more maturity would be desirable. I mean at 1 1/2 the dog is barely even fully grown.

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