What do you think?
When we got Kerridwen at the shelter two years ago, we were told she's a Kelpie cross. She will be 4 in February. It's been so much fun trying to guess what she's crossed with, I figured I'd give you guys a try. I'm thinking maybe some BC in her but I dunno.
[Image: DSCF0065_zps75e6b087.jpg][/img]
Sorry, your pictures didn't show up.
Gotta love 'em.
I'll get the hang of this picture thing yet lol
There may be some BC in there. Any other pics?
Of course there are more! She's my perfect angel princess girl! LOL

[Image: 009_zps4341bfa9.jpg]

[Image: 010_zpsa9a27034.jpg]
I love that curly tail! Big Grin

No clue as to what breeds could be lurking, just that she's a beautiful dog. Wink
[Image: 24b7da04-ebe3-44ee-81cc-608ab615b402_zps55051c6f.jpg][Image: 83de47f8-0fda-4b91-9e6d-a8f2fd0b85ce_zps484a4b86.jpg]

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the first picture made me think Icelandic sheepdog straight away. They are really common round here but maybe not where you are so not sure.
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