All three of my Collies have suffered from Colitis - the usual treatment was to give them fish and rice for a couple of days along with a few charcoal biccies any time the symptoms showed - which they all loved.

Shep could not eat red meat - that was his trigger but he loved dry Vitalin so lived on that with a small amount of vitalin mash every couple of days (stock, chicken and vitalin soaked and mixed) - 17 year old.

Scruff - seemed to not tolerate the more expensive/popular brands of dry food - so lived on Wagg and Doc Johnsons dry food (varing the brand and type each time but mostly Doc Johnsons Silver), 1/4 of a tin of wet food each day with some veg mixed in - 14 years old

Roly - has had a few shows, the first time was quite bad and he had a course of anti-biotics. Now I know hw is prone to it I watch a lot closer - he does not tolerate changes in dry food. He eats Wagg/Doc Johnsons as well (tried him on others and he was not good) plus has some of our dinner each day (mostly veg). He eats carrots as a treat (loves them) also runner beans and broccoli (the runner beans he started getting from the runner bean plants in the garden same with the broccoli).
Hi I am looking
for some advice about my border collie.
He is almost 13 and has been completely healthy until now. Has eaten the same food for at least 10
years. He started with diarrhea that has
been going on for about 2 weeks now. He has
been to the vet several times, has done 2 rounds of flaggyl; 1 round of
Endosorb, had blood work which was fine; had an xray which was fine; stool
cultures showed no parasites but they
gave him something for that anyway (I forget the name) . He is started on Prednisone over the
weekend. He isn’t going as often but it
is still soft/pudding . He is getting
just white rice and chicken to eat. His
energy was pretty low the first few days but he is pretty much back to his old
self ; other than the the bathroom issue : )
I am calling the vet again tomorrow but wanted to see if you have ever
heard of this sudden onset like this in border collies. The vet mentioned he may have developed
IBS. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
Has your vet had you try probiotics? After that, I would try boiled ground beef and sweet potatoes. Being on the same food long term isn't any better for dogs than it is for us. It conditions the gut to not be able to handle even the slightest changes. If it was my dog, I would add probiotics and digestive enzymes and start looking for a new food. Personally, I switch my dogs' food all the time. They can eat anything without upset stomach.

Look into a product from The Honest Kitchen called Perfect Form. It's designed to help dogs like yours. It has a number of natural ingredients that are known to calm the walls of the intestines and firm up stools.
Gotta love 'em.
Thanks, he has not mentioned the priobiotics. I did look into them, but was hesitant to add another new thing on top of the meds, new food etc. The ones I saw at the store near me seem to have lots of added ingredients- do you reccommend a particular one?
I hear people like to use kefir but I have no personal experience with it.
We use Kefir in my house. Good stuff. Dogs love it too. (I haven't tasted it myself)
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I have tasted Kefir and thought it was disgusting but the dogs didn't seem to care. I have also given FortiFlora from my vet, I don't know if you can get it online.

My GSD had a sensitive stomach. I fed Taste of the Wild High Prairie for years and he was fine and then one day he wasn't and I switched him to Pacific Stream which worked really well for him. I'm not saying this to recommend TOTW but to suggest that possibly a change in food might help your dog.

I keep pumpkin and Greek yogurt on hand at all times. If any of my dogs are having tummy trouble I give them a couple of tablespoons of each with their food and it usually helps. Sometimes I give them pumpkin and yogurt just because they like it so much. I have fed chicken and rice on occasion when someone has an upset tummy.

If you do use yogurt or kefir just make sure it is the plain, unflavored. Your dog doesn't need anything added.
FortiFlora only has 3 strains in it. Personally, I go online to Swanson's and order Soil Based Organisms or Dr. Stephen Langer's Ultimate15 strain Probiotics. I also use kefir, for myself and the dogs.
Gotta love 'em.
Thanks everyone, he is doing better still not back to usual. Gave him pumpkin and getting some kefir today
I feed Dannon All Natural Yogurt, plain yogurt, whole milk.

You can also make your own yogurt or kefir if you like.

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