Just been through a very worrying few days with Charlie! Thursday he suddenly went off his food, no inprovement on friday morning, that when I noticed he had very bad diarrhoea with blood and mucus!! My heart sank (I lost a greyhound after being rushed to vets vomiting, blood was found in his stools and the next minute he was gone!) So I rung the vet, could get an appointment until 6pm after work so Charlie came with me so I could keep an eye on him (he was fine in himself, bouncing around as usual). Had another bloody diarrhoea around 5 o clock, popped home before going to the vets and it all started getting very bad. Charlie couldnt stop straining, blood was dripping out of him!! I ran to the vets with him and went straight in and burst in tears, the vet was very understanding but said it looks alot worse than it is.

Turns out my poor boy had been suffering with irritable bowel syndrome, his bowels were inflamed. One steroid injection and 5 days on anti biotics. He is so much better already, and about 12 o clock we had the first normal firm poop from him that just gave us a sigh of relief! He is only eating chicken and rice at the moment, nice and gentle on his tummy..

Around 4-5 weeks ago I put charlie on csj champ. Am thinking that could possible be something to do with it? Im really not sure?

Has anyone else experienced this in dogs? I understand there is certain things that make it worse? What should I be looking out for or steer clear of?
Micah has IBS. So far, knock on wood, he only has issues with it when he gets a food he can't tolerate. For him, grains are the big offender, ALL grains. So yes, it probably is related to the food change. It doesn't mean the food is bad, just he can't handle it. I have to use lean beef and sweet potatoes for an upset tummy because chicken and rice would trigger Micah. Some dogs do better on low fat foods, but Micah actually does best on a high protein, high fat diet with very little carbs. They have linked IBD with probiotic issues which are also related to bloat issues, so you may want to start dosing him with a good probiotic(at least 9 different strains) every few days, especially since he has been on antibiotics.
Gotta love 'em.
So happy he is OK and doing better already.

One Border Collie Is Never Enough

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Scary! /yikes So glad he's better!
Lord, help me to be the kind of person my dogs think I am.
Thanks guys.
He's been so much better, no blood or diarrhoea since leaving the vets last Friday. Finished his anti biotics Wednesday and has been eating natures menu which seems to be going well. Nice firm poohs Smile

I have been in contact with csj and they have sent me a grain free kibble, lamb and rice & tripe kibble. Do you think its a good idea to try him with these gentler foods?

Also, I've bought some pork liver. (Never done anything with liver before!!). And I would like to make some dry liver treats. Instead of shop bought treats as its hard to know what's actually in them... firstly, whats the best way to cook the liver? Im sure ive also read you can boil it? Also what is the best liver, pork, beef, chicken?

Is this a one off incident?
May when fed grain free for some reason would get constipated and strain so much she would bleed. She always did better on grain and below 24% protein.
I know of several dogs and I actually owned a cat from the pound who would have explosive diarrhea. They were all good on royal canin, anything else would cause problems.
Now I am not a fan of Royal Canin, but I swear it was the only thing that worked. Someone told me it was because royal canin is very broken down and easy to digest, ???
I also always have a can of pumpkin in the cupboard, it works for both diarrhea and constipation.
If it was a one off it could have been anything that may have caused it.
Boil the liver until it turns brown, then dry in the oven on the ovens lowest temp until it is as dry as you want it to be. Cut with kitchen shears to the size you want. Store in ziplock bags in the freezer. I keep the amount I use in a couple days in each bag.

The reason you boil first is that drying first in the oven changes the texture to where it is harder to deal with. Boiling first keeps the texture usable.

I had to work hard to figure out what my dogs triggers were, but grains are a common trigger, so trying grain free is worth a try. I rotate foods because it keeps the gut healthier. Just like with people, feeding the same thing all the time conditions the gut to only be able to handle the same thing, then when you switch, you get digestive upset. If you always eat variety, you don't get stomach upset from eating something different. My dogs NEVER get upset stomachs, except for my IBS dog if he gets one of his trigger foods, which hasn't happened now in well over a year.
Gotta love 'em.
Quirkydog- yes this is the first time we have seen anything like this with charlie. Think I will give the grain free food a try Smile

Thank you Gideons mom! Great help x
Glad to hear Charlie is doing better. Hope the grain free works for you!
As this is a first time I would not be making major changes or be 'pulling your hair out'. This could have been caused by anything, like drinking or eating something outside, like wildlife poop, dirty water.
I would be come very aware of what I was feeding especially anything different so if she had another incident I would know where to possibly look. If she had another incident I would then be trying to fix it. But it is possible you could be trying to fix something that is not broke and even create a problem by changing up.
I know it is upsetting when our beloved dogs get sick.

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