Tri-Colored BC in South Ga- Available Free to right family

Up for adoption- Gavin Dog- a beautiful tri-colored Border Collie. Gavin has been with our family for several years, sharing our home with us and another Border Collie named Rory. Gavin is the type of dog that does well with our other dog, but is very food-driven and can be aggressive if challenged by other dogs. He is very good with us and our children but for whatever reason, Gavin seems to still have jealous fits sometimes and will attack Rory even after 8 years. Because of this, we feel it would be best to have him re-homed to a family that has no other dogs currently. He is crate trained (and will come with a free crate) and does very well on a leash too. He is very friendly toward children but because he has witnessed abuse in his earlier life, he is very wary of strange men not belonging to his household. This makes him an excellent watch dog, even alerting our own family to the unknown presence of would-be carport thieves a few years ago. He does well in a fenced-in yard, but sleeps in his crate at night inside. If you’d like to meet Gavin, please call us and we will be glad to let you spend time with him to see if he would be a good fit for you or your family. He is up to date on shots and has always had flea medication applied monthly.

Please consider visiting with Gavin. We are located in the Waycross/Blackshear Georgia area and would love to have you come see him. He is FREE to the right family. 912.816.5330

[Image: IMG_4333_zpswvsp4fig.png]

Are you sure you want to give him up? The underlying problem may be fixable. If you were to ask I'm sure some people here could point you in the right direction in terms of solving this problem.

But if you already have your mind set then I wish you the best of luck in finding the perfect home for him!
Hi. Well, it would be great to be able to keep him if we could eliminate the issues, but it's to the point to where I think he would simply be happier if he were where he got the sole attention. It makes me feel bad for Rory too because he's always on-edge around Gavin and he misses out too. And honestly, we bought our dog a dog- IOW we adopted Gavin for Rory to have a doggie mate but since he's mean to him, it seems better to find Gavin a better situation for him.

Gavin is very loving, and very loyal- just don't let another dog growl at him or he will show him who's boss. Dogs are dogs, and so I'm not sure what could be done to modify his behavior at this point.
If you want to keep him, this is easily fixable.

Who Eats First? Him or the other dog/s?

If he eats first - you need to shove him off the pack leader throne. To do this, prepare his food, put it down and block him getting to it (lean over it) - push him away if he gets too close. Do this for 5 minutes, making it appear as if you are eating if that's what it takes. Then what you do is slowly back away from the food, nudge in his direction and let him finish it. This has worked perfectly with highly aggressive problem dogs in the past, quick, and permanent. It is natural and what happens in nature with wolves and dogs. You eat first - you are the pack leader. The rest of the pack eat whats left over together.

If he is NOT eating first, then prep food, hold it for him to eat out of, and take it away. Walk towards him, correct him with one word/command and make him back off if he becomes aggressive. When calm, return the food. Do this a couple of times when feeding, and within a week he won't care what you do. If snappy, or you are unsure, you can push him off the food and then take away. Holding it is good as he doesn't see your hand there.
I would like more info, before I can guess what's going on. But I will say that often times the perpetrater is actually the victim who has had enough. I have no idea what's going on here.
You have a tough decision to make

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