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ah right okay. we used to live in sheffield, absolutely loved taking her into the peaks. and my parents live on wirral so lots of beaches and theres formby etc. so i guess quite a ways from south wales.
[Image: rcpXqRE.jpg][Image: rcpXp1.png]
I havent lived in the UK for 20years. It is likely I will be returning next spring.
what takes you back quirkydog?
[Image: rcpXqRE.jpg][Image: rcpXp1.png]
My eldest daughter moved back 2yeas ago and with her are 2 grandchildren, my youngest daughter moved back in March.
My middle daughter is still here, if she doesn't want yo go back , we will stay here. My husband is homesick. He now works on the oil fields.
We have spent our entire 25 years of marriage with him only part time home, with the military and now the oil patch.
I suggested we try living together full time, before he retires and we discover we don't actually like each other lol
I have very mixed feelings about it.

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