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Bronwen has been exceptionally well socialized with people of all ages since birth (breeder runs her business rom home so lots of people coming and going and lots of fuss for cute puppies) but other than her siblings, mother, Aunt & Gran (breeder has the 3 related adults as her pets) she had had no contact with other dogs. Last week we took her to her first puppy class and whilst she wanted to be friends with all the owners she hid behind me & OH whenever another dog looked in her direction for most of the class.

Fast forward a week and we took her to her second class last night and wow! What a change! Now she wanted to be friends with every one 2 or 4 legged LOL In fact she's a little over confident - she decided jumping in the face of a full grown Rottweiler to make friends was a good idea (fortunately it was a nice natured dog and as I pulled her back, it took a step back) so something I'm going to have to be mindful of with her when walking her the next few weeks until I can train her not to.

Whilst her exuberance is a little unnerving its a huge leap in a week from timid shy pup to 'I want to be your BFF' with her furry companions.
Last week may have been a fear period. Or this week, she realized she survived last week. But either way, it's good to see progress and good to have a plan.

Go, Bronwen!!
Gotta love 'em.
It is not unusual to find pups and adult dogs overwhelmed first night of classes. I usually tell owners if their dog wAnts to tuck in under a chair, let them. But do not try to coax or baby the dog. I observe the dog, I am looking for any signs of curiosity, soon as I see it I share it with the owner. I do this because the owners then are confident it is going to be ok. It is quite funny because some of these "shy" guys end up being the wild ones lol. If I have a real shy puppy, I pick just one other pup for it to be around during play session. I have never had one that didn't come around. I have had owners well up when the real shy ones come out of their shell. It is very rewarding. I think you might have one of the wild ones. Lol
As GM said it could have been a fear period.
Dax was like that at puppy class. We started off having an off lead play session with all the pups (just 5 or 6) and Dax was straight under the chair!
She didnt really come out of her shell for another few months, it kind of picked up slowly. But its so lovely to see isnt it, when they start playing with other dogs. Sounds like she is getting on really well Smile Dont forget to socialise her with all the things you dont think of straight away- bin lorries, different animals, people wearing funny stuff. kids running was one i neglected so had to work on that a bit later on, so get it in when its easier!
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We took her to the beach for the first time today. What fun! Also a great learning experience - lots of dogs inc plenty of pups from her age upwards. When we got there she continued with the (over) confident greeting with every dog (I was careful to check wth owners as to their dog's temperament prior to giving her a looser lead). This continued until a 14 week tiny Dachshund pup growled and barked at her and she was immediately subservient. From then on she approached every other dog (adult or pup) a little more respectfully - still wanted to be friends but not so full on and in their face. A great result as I don't want her to lose confidence but I also want her to know boundaries.

It was fab to see her having fun in the sand and water, even if she had to learn drinking sea water wasn't great by drinking it then immediately throwing it back up - it took 2 'throw ups' to learn this (and loads of fresh water afterwards from me to make sure she was ok).

Only minor irritant was 2 BC owners! One, an ex-owner, came over to tell me she was scared in the sea (she wasn't scared just a little nervous as it was new) which irritated me as Bron show's the classic licking lips, sitting and not moving plus whining when she's not happy, none of which she was doing. The other had 2 BCs on leads (should have been a clue with hindsight) who came over to chat with us, I started to let Bron out on her lead (as her recall isn't great at 11 wks she was on a 30ft lead that I was paying out as the situation fitted) and then asked if her dogs were ok at which point she said 'oh one is, but the other might snap'. Geez, thanks for that! I've just told you I'm socialising my pup and you didn't think to mention when you came over to ME that your dog may have a go at my pup! Thanks! Fortunately everyone else was fab - loads of people socialising their dogs and all of us having (slightly nervous) fun Big Grin

Having a picnic after a mad beach session (inc doing most of her training as people & dogs went passed - 'stay's' were only about 3s though LOL)

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sounds like you had a great time and are doing well with the training Smile
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Love the pic of her
You don't know how fortunate you are in the uk for freedom with the dogs. Until you live elsewhere
Unfortunately it seems to be getting less so. Had to hunt to allow a beach that let dogs on it even on a lead between May & September Sad
what part of the uk are you in?
[Image: rcpXqRE.jpg][Image: rcpXp1.png]
South Wales Valleys - took her down to Ogmore by Sea nr Bridgend (most of the good beaches in Swansea ban dogs in the summer)

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