Accomplishment I guess .....
Whilst visiting a friend and helping him in his garden, I tied Ruby to a post so she was near, but couldn't run off to his chickens at the bottom of the garden. She is curious, but has not yet chased - but being on the safe side. As our backs were turned, I saw Ruby dart past and leap in front, bow down and leap into 'play mode'

She chewed through her lead! I thought.....Oh no! Oh no!......Queen of problem solving discovered how to twist around and unclip her lead clasp from her harness. Very pleased with herself she was too!
Oh my goodness that's funny! Love to see the problem solving (after the heart attacks have died down). Time to leave the lead on the harness and wrap the clip in ducktape? Wink
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You've got a houndini on your hands! Giggle
I've had dogs do that before and never repeat it again and only one that actually new what she did, so could repeat it. Maybe you will be lucky and she doesn't know what she did.
Gotta love 'em.

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