Proud of Dilwyn
Really proud of Dilwyn!! Despite the ups and downs of the last few days and restricted exercise he did himself proud this morning with 2 things that normally cause quite a bit of disruption but we have been working on.
1. Ironing I hate ironing and Dilwyn hates me doing it. He used to bite the ironing board when I got it out, bark etc etc not good. But this morning I got his blanket out by the board, put a nice big rawhide chew there asked him to lie down and I was able to get on the ironing!!! 45 minutes later done with minimal disruption Hurrahhhh!!!
2. Vacuuming. Again been working on this a while, this morning asked him to go on blanket , rewarded, asked to stay and I got on with the vacuuming. Went back a few times to reward and give command again. Brilliant. The only time he came out was when I was out of sight. I just went through commands again.. vacumming done. He actually looked quite surprised at himself"Is that what you wanted me to do??" Bouncing
Yay, great job Dilwyn! /bacon
How FUN! I love it when they surprise themselves! I've seen that look on Ember's face too - I have to reward it quick because she will go "Is that what you wanted? Noofcourseitwasn'tI'mabaddogdon'thitme in about 2 seconds Tongue Progress is so much fun!
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Greenstars Great job Dilwyn. Greenstars

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Great job!
Gotta love 'em.

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