Seeing Training progress at last!
With Bronwen being my first dog (and puppy) training her and watching her grow has been a big learning experience and, whilst fun most of the time, there have been instances where I've wondered what I've taken on. She's just over 5 months now (22 weeks). This weekend I really saw the future dog she hopefully will become.

I went out with a friend who owns Bronwen's sister Lili both Saturday & Sunday. Bronwen was off lead for only the second (and third!) time and was great. Her recall was almost 100% - only time she didn't come back was when people coming towards us had their 2 dogs off lead and when I called Bronwen she didn't come to me but did stop moving towards the other dogs which is a first as she wants to meet and play with every person and dog she sees. She even did some of her training (sits, walking along side me etc) briefly. We also found that Lili would sit and come when called by me and Bronwen did for Jan. Jan hasn't taught Lili 'touch' yet so I was showing her with Bronwen then tried it with Lili. We then found we had competitive dogs vying to show us they could do it better than their sibling which was hysterical (we definitely plan on doing more training together as brought the best out in both dogs).

Another plus was Bronwen was tired when we got back but instead of getting hyper and bitey like she did even a couple of weeks ago, she just settled down on the coffee table and had a doze (she still doesn't go in her crate of her own accord during the day). She actually settled! It was bliss as OH & I could have a quiet drink and watch some TV without the dog charging around the room or barking to come out. I'm hoping she'll realize that if she settles she gets more time with us than if she's a furry lunatic!

All in all a great weekend for her and for me as I could see her training was working and she was happy to do what was asked which means I'm more confident to let her off lead in the future (away from roads and livestock anyway!). With the advice, hints and tips from here and from the dog class we attend along with OH & I trying to be consistent and set a routine I can at last see real progress and my puppy developing into a happy reasonably well trained dog Smile
5210 That's great. She's growing up. Greenstars

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Great job! That must make you feel proud.
You have put the work in, its paying off. Keep at it and don't worry about relapses it is normal, you also have the adolescence stage to get through. I am not saying this to put a downer on your achievements and saying it so you don't worry about the relapses just keep doing what you are doing and have fun with it.
Thanks all Smile

LB - more relieved than proud LOL

QD - how long does that stage usually last (so I can prepare my OH as he's the one at home with her during the day so bears the brunt when she's being naughty!)? And what sort of age - think I read somewhere around 7 months?
It is soooooooo nice when you see your work pay off and yes it is a relief /party
It's such a boost when you have a good training/walking session
So much fun! I'm glad you had a great time, and that the pup is showing her true colors!
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My experience with adolescence is that it comes in waves, just like humans, from 8 to 16 or 18 months. They will be their normal self one moment and a pouty twerp the next. Both of my boys went through a phase of thinking they didn't have to listen to me. For Gideon, I just put him back on leash and started treating him like a new puppy that knows nothing. He was incensed. I only had to help him sit a couple times and reel him in on a recall once before he decided that he was mortally embarrassed and never did that again. Micah needed the treatment a couple times before he decided to act right.
Gotta love 'em.

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