We found the spot!
I know this isn't going to sound like an impressive accomplishment, but it really is. Last night I found Ember's "kick spot". The one that makes their back leg go 90 miles an hour.

And this is why it's such a big deal: Debbie (behaviorist) and I have been trying to find hers ever since I got her. I had made a comment that Ember didn't have one while we were working on Ember learning to be handled, and Debbie swore that every dog had one. So I was tasked with searching for it in ways that got Ember used to being touched in every place possible.

I've been trying for 11 months to find this spot. Towards the beginning of summer, we had given up the search for the most part - Ember is fine being handled. Debbie came to the conclusion that Ember was just too uptight to be that "vulnerable" for us. Any time we started scratching, she would stiffen like you were really close to the spot, but never really kick. She would just stay stiff until you stopped - even if she pawed you for more because it felt good. Debbie said the day I found the spot should be a day of triumph, because that was a brand new level of comfort with me. So whenever she gets brushed, or comes over for some loving, I would search it out casually, with no luck.

I found it! And I can find it consistently now. And it's really cute and adorable the way she'll flip around for you to do it again if you stop, making it harder to reach but tail wagging all the way.
[Image: e5Qmm5.png]

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I love that. I feel Kep has a few of then switching places from time to time. Great job Ember! /dance
It really is a sign of a dog being comfortable with you to the oit that they are willing to be vulnerable. YAY, Ember and Chris!
Gotta love 'em.

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