Bronze Test Success
My May never crashed either. I would take her for a good walk before class to take the edge off.
Carter the Golden, another story. My daughter would not walk him the day of class or the day after as he was too tired!
When I had him he was walked regardless of class, However he did fall asleep in class a few times. He was way too low energy for me, I loved him dearly though.

It is difficult to do in a class setting, but once I have behaviours at a good level I nearly always train with toys. I find it keeps motivation and drive high. You get quick and sharp responses. Also by using a toy, we are asking the dog to be able to listen and respond while in a high state of arousal. This may have to built up.
That settles it Keller is part golden retriever at heart. I had to remind him to get his droopy lips off the floor it was time to move at times. I was recommending things to do to satisfy her desire for training at home. I usually worked on getting Keller's watch me most of all when he got bored in class as it is difficult for him to hold it for long periods in those settings. Hard to get bored if I move a bit and ask for watch me randomly in class. From different positions. I don't think either of us tires of looking into each other's eyes while I smile.
We also gave students a hint of burning of some physical energy by a romp before class but not with classmates IMO infact if my dog wanted to check out a buddy he was not allowed to at all before class. Once inside school manners just like children. I created a bubble enough for threshold. Especially during puppy phase as still working on exciting distractions that a dog at higher level of training can handle from practicing as a pup. I went in a few minutes early walked floor picked place checked the room get the sniff distraction out of the way, noting really interesting places to avoid in necessary times.

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