Border collie mix?
My rescue Maggie. My parents use border collies on their farm and she definitely moves like one, you know the circling around, that backwards zigzag hop they do, always watching. She is fast, agile and smart. Her markings fit. But if she is a BC mix, any guess on what she could be mixed with? She is probably around 35lbs or so.

I have search high and low but have yet to see any dogs that look similar. It drives me bonkers because people are always asking me what she is. I want to do a doggie DNA test but I heard they aren't that accurate.

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My first thought was a Border Collie/Poodle mix. I know someone who has one and the dog is amazing.

One Border Collie Is Never Enough

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Oh my, She is absolutely adorable.
I was going to say poodle as well. She looks similar to a Goldendoodle.

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What would you call that? A Colliedoodle? A Poobor? (I'm tired, don't mind me)

I did a google search on border collie poodle mix and dang there are some cute one of those. Rabbit trail for the day, that's for sure!
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My first thought was Pumi.

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Is that hair wiry? There are several terriers that can give a somewhat curly coat with a wiry texture.
Gotta love 'em.
'Gideon\'s mom''','index.php?page=Thread&postID=190589#post190589 Wrote:Is that hair wiry? There are several terriers that can give a somewhat curly coat with a wiry texture.
Yes, I was thinking some kind of terrier. Perhaps even a Yorkie or Yorkie X which would still have the softer hair.
The shape of her face made me automatically think of Cairn terrier
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Hard to tell without the body shape, too, but the smaller snout and hair could be poodle or terrier. She is really cute!
Both poodle and pumi have crossed my mind but I think poodle is more likely. She does have webbed feet. I got a new phone some my pictures are limited but I will post a few more. Her coat is a sort of double coat. It is great because it feels like people hair and has zero smell to it. It is not great because she sheds like crazy!

She seems small is the one picture but she is pretty sturdy. I wonder about some Pomeranian or something. My guess is she is at least three or four things which is why I am nervous about shelling out for a DNA test.

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