Hi and welcome!

Your 10 month old is a teenager. There are a LOT of threads on here about surviving the teenage months, so in addition to posting your own questions, do a search and read some of what others have gone through with their teenage BCs. You aren't alone and maybe someone else's experience will help you nip new unwanted behaviors in the bud.
Gotta love 'em.
A teenager? Great! Hopefully that explains his ratty-ness at the moment. I had a look last night and see it can last up until nearly 3 years old??
It can, but it doesn't usually last that long, and it comes and goes. For both of mine, whenever they had a bout of teenagerness, I just treat them like they are little tiny babies that don't know how to act right and put them right back on leash and show them every thing I want them to do. They look at me like I've lost my mind and start acting right again. This too shall pass.
Gotta love 'em.
He is so handsome! I love a smooth coat collie.

My Tasha was a handful at 10 months but became easier once she passed her first birthday. She is almost three now and still isn't what I would call an easy dog but at least I don't feel frazzled at the end of the day. If he is driving you crazy take 10 minutes and work on teaching him something, a game or a trick, working his brain will help him calm down.
Welcome! I love the look in the photo. Surely you aren't referring to him?!
Oh gosh that face is classic, so clever but totally up to something!
Welcome my lad Dilwyn is now 18months and we have had some trying times but I keep on going and say to myself "It can only get better" Rainbow-smiley-emoticon
What a handsome boy!
I'm curious about how your're doing in daily life,a little to compare, because it seems that my 19 months old girl is still in her puberty....lol
Welcome, he's a lovely dog, I love that look of innocence which I've found tends to mean I haven't found what they've done yet LOL. Bronwen is 9 months old and 1 minute she'll follow every command I give her, next its like having a 35lb 8 week old who'd never been given a single command. I even had to 'time out' crate her this week for the first time for a while. I take the same approach as Gideon's mom and treat her like a baby when she acts like one. It usually puts a stop to it very quickly.

Gosh he is a handsome boy!

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