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When you say you can contact the behavior therapist does that include more sessions with the therapist? If I had this problem with a dog I would want to be able to work with someone weekly to train me how to handle the issue.
That quote does not seem reasonable to me however you do not mention how many times he proposes visiting your home for this. When I have had behaviourists come to my home the price for the initial consultation was AU$110 which of course is approx 1/3 less in British pounds. Written directions are left and follow up visits are dependant on the severity of the problem and how well I felt I was implementing the methods and progressing with the issue. However 1 or 2 further visits were anticipated. The behaviourist was available for telephone and email contact as required and if I didn't check in with a progress report they would contact me. This was free of additional charge and with no time limits. Fee's were paid on a per visit basis and this allows you to decide as you go if this particular person is right for you. The behaviourist is usually demonstrating and training you in the methods required to resolve the issue as opposed to being hands on all the way. You will be doing the work and his job is to ensure you have understood and are applying methods correctly.

From your description of the problem it does not seem you are dealing with a serious behavioural issue but instead nipping something in the bud and seeking advice as to how to prevent it from developing into a serious issue. For this I commend you. I would be inclined to seek further quotes from other behaviourists. I don't know what the situation is in your country but in Australia there are many to choose from.
Thanks guys.

From what I understood (was a long conversation and a lot of information thrown at me so struggled to keep up) he would write out a plan, come to us to see him at home and go for a walk together. Then I would be able to phone or email him for 6 months for further advice. Don't think that means coming back out but not 100% sure. He said he does it this way rather than paying per individual visit because it works out cheaper.
If that's true then I'm willing to bet he's on a "on call" basis with visits for the few months. That's the only way it could be "cheaper" in my opinion.
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I don't like the sound of it at all. I think he does it that way so he can grab your money, results or not. 850 pounds is a hell of a lot of money for the degree of problem you are troubleshooting. Maybe it's different in your country but over here you just don't pay upfront like that for professional services, particularly when the providers ability and likelihood of success is an unknown quantity. You might pay this way for a training course in a college where the curriculum is set but not a service such as this.
I might anticipate that it would end up costing this much if I were dealing with a very serious issue. For example- my dog with guarding issues was dangerously aggressive, guarded everything he valued at any given time and that thing could change from day to day, moment to moment. At the end of the day it did not cost the equivalent of 850 pounds to teach me how to rectify this even with follow up home visits and on call phone and email. There is method, that method is either working for the dog or not and then it is time, patience and consistency. Maybe such things are just crazy expensive in your country but you usually do find that there is a ball park cost that makes sense between one country and another. This does not make sense to me. Can you get another opinion ?
Goodness, that is too ££. I had a one off visit from an ex police dog handler who works/ helps out at the local rescue centre where we got our bc. He works privately as a behaviorist too. He charged us £20 an hour, but he stayed for 3 and only charged us for 1. He gave us screeds of written advice, on line references and direction to useful youtube vids. Think £850 a bit scary.
That amount seems super expensive for what you are getting. I know trainers that will do private behavior modification training for $60 (at the training center) to $70 (at your home) for an hour. I looked online and I think that works out to 48-56 in British pounds.

Keep in mind that what you need is for someone to train you to handle your dog. If I were in your situation I would want to work with someone weekly until I felt confident to handle the issue on my own. I wouldn't feel comfortable trying to work this out with phone calls and emails.
T&M That US$ to British pound conversion is within the same ball park as our AU$ price for such services.The higher AU$110 I paid was largely due to them having to travel considerable distance to my home. I agree, the option of several follow up visits is preferable and pretty much a must with phone and email just an as you go back up in between visits. A trainer cannot assess how well you are carrying out the prescribed methods over the phone. As you say, the trainer is teaching you.
I will get a few more quotes but in the mean time I am working on obedience training to get rid of his ball obsession so he hopefully won't bother so much about other dogs having one he wants.

Jackson where are you? Are you from the UK?
Yes, Scotland.

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