bc coat and size
First question...do you have a crate?
Second did you research housebreaking and crate training? If type the two separately in the search option up above there will be lots of threads to go through.
Crate your puppy or keep it leashed near you when it does not have your complete attention or it will continue to eat dangerous objects and pee in the house. Take it out every hour consistently to the same exact spot ON leash say potty wait quietly until it goes say good potty when done. If it does not go after four minutes or so return to the house and if you aren't watching it crate it try again twenty to thirty minutes later. It has no idea what no means. It just thinks I did bad try not to get caught so it will try to do it ought of your sight. It does however know when it has done right if praised and rewarded for doing the right thing. They should go out immediately after waking up and shortly after a meal or large drink.

That sounds like a bit too much exercise. We went out for multiple times a day but much shorter times and our walks were kept shorter while his bones and joints were growing. Too much exercise and you get an athlete that is not content relaxing around the house when you want to. Brain games wear them out just as well sometimes better. Things like obedience training or tricks and games. Obedience classes come in handy for all this stuff and are fun.
I don't walk my dogs to get them to go potty. For me walks are for exercise and sniffing around. Before we go on a walk I give them a chance to potty in the yard and then we go on our walk (I carry bags just in case). When I lived in the city in an apartment I would take my dog to one area and have her potty and then we would go on our walk. I also teach my puppies to go potty on command, very helpful when traveling or when it is cold outside.

When I got Tasha I made a point of teaching her to potty on leash. With my German Shepherd I made the mistake of not teaching him to potty on leash (we have a huge, fenced-in, yard so I didn't bother leashing him). Big mistake on my part because all of his life he would not go while on leash.
Exactly!!! Because he started toilet training on leash same spot every time. Now before we leave...."go potty" then "leash up" I don't want to carry that emergency bag full of dooty around for a couple miles. Icky. And he has a set bathroom he now goes only there off leash when let out So don't walk through there barefoot...and clean up is fast I don't have to check the entire yard.erery

He does potty on a leash, but in my case we dont have a yard or anything so he he has to potty on walks, of course he exercises too, we go to the dog park so he socializes and runs. When he grows up I'm planning on taking him bike riding and playing frisbee, hiking...

I do have a crate. He sleeps in my room and he knows he can't potty there, so when I wake up, I crate him until I get dressed and then take him outside to potty. I also do this after he eats. The thing is that he is alone like 6 hours/day on Tuesdays and Thursdays and 4 or 5 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, can I actually crate him for such long periods of time? I usually leave him in the kitchen and close the door... Also, he drinks A LOT of water, so he pees a lot.

For a 3 month old puppy, how much daily time at the park would you recommend? Since you told me he is doing too much exercise for his age. Or maybe I shouldn't take him to the dog park and just walk him on leash for 10 minutes/walk? The dog park is like 5-10 min walk from home, so just round trip is like 15 min, plus the time spent there. I don't know...I'm confused haha. I don't want to over exercise him, but also he has had a lot of energy since he got home and used to be way too active inside. When he was finally allowed to go out, I tired him out and now he just sleeps at home and chills. Though if I want to play with him, he is more than willing!!

Yes crates can be used for longer. No big drinks hour or so before leaving potty in same exact spot in walk area. For younger pups a lunch from workbathroom break by you or another if you want. as gets bigger bladder gets bigger others have done eight hours no breaks. If left in kitchen more than likely to go because he has room to get away from it
Dog park is fine three times but an hour is A LOT. I take y adult for forty five to an hour or more as a puppy much less. Jumping higher than his knees or shoulders not good for joints.
Smooth is the dominant coat type so one of the parents would have to be smooth to produce a smooth puppy. They don't tend to get a lot of coat before around 8 months old, but it takes a while after that to truly get an idea how much they will really have. I think your pup is going to have A LOT of coat. And they tend to stay really thin when they are growing quickly, which is actually a good thing for joint development, so don't try to rush it.
Gotta love 'em.
Hi everyone! Thank you for all your replies. Here is a quick update!

We are finally done with potty training! Smile I don't even need to crate him. However, every once in a while when we are playing and he gets very excited he pees. Doesn't happen too often and he is good otherwise! We'll keep working on that.

Here is a pic of him from 10 days ago or so!

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That's awesome, way to go! /7up The excited peeing should go away with time. As he gets older he'll get better control over his bladder.
That's great progress and as LB said the excitement peeing does stop. Max did it but not Jasper. He has grown into a handsome boy, my goodness look at those ears sitting up all proud and handsome.

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