I hate Cesar Millan.......please delete if this isn't allowed.
Haha, yes I think it's a puppy thing. We provide all manner of chewy things also but despair at their preferences. Chunks of wood, palm fronds etc, etc. I make baskets in which I use unusual pieces of wood and roots for handles or legs. Sometimes it takes me hours to clean and whittle them to how I want and then sand them. Yesterday I put hour into preparing 3 root legs for a tripod shaped basket. I left them on a bench when I answered the phone and got distracted. AGGHH, I found them down the yard all chewed up. My fault, I should have known better but jeez that was such a lot of work and amounts to a lot of money at the end of the day.

I still use treats for training when they are young because it is the highest value at an early age but I transition to praise or balls and tugs depending on what I am training and depending on the particular dog. Jasper ( now 6 months) has been great and right from the start has been eager to oblige for simple praise.

In any event, any cursing towards Cesar is cursing well used LOL
Quirkydog, I feel so bad for Doberman owner. She did exactly what she was told from an "expert" and had no idea the damage it could do.

Mattie has three ways of showing stress. The first is what everyone thinks of; shaking like her legs won't hold her up, tail tucked, and trying to find some place to hide herself. The second is what we call "Flat Mattie" she will flatten herself to the floor and refuse to move. A couple of times I haven't been able to coax her out of her flattened state and ended up carrying her to where we needed to go. Third is "Frantic Mattie" constant movement, whining, barking, and if I am standing she will try to climb me.

Tasha is the competitive agility dog but Mattie always goes with us. By the end of the third day Frantic Mattie shows up. Most people are pretty understanding. Some notice right away the she is stressed and others will ask me about her behavior. A couple of times I've gotten, "You need to stop letting her do that, she needs manners!" I ignore the negative comments. I am thankful I have received lots of caring advice on how to manage Mattie's stress. In one year she went from a dog that was a complete mess after only six hours on the first day of a trial to a dog that stays happy until the end of the third day.

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