Helper Dogs
Is there a specific breed one should consider for helper dogs? Is there a breed with a propensity towards the desired attitude/energy/fun-loving ness?
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Is there another breed better than a BC ? LOL I think it's more about the right temperament. Even with a young pup still with it's mum and littermate you can get a basic idea of temperament i.e.: which is bolder, more confident, the bully or cranky pants, shy, easy going or easily startled etc.
Hi. I understand your concerns. My husband and I have adopted dogs together from rescues (our last 4 dogs). What I like about rescues, besides giving a dog another chance at a good life, is that if the rescue is a good one, the dogs will be vetted very well. The potential rescue home and owners are also vetted. When we decided on what breed of dog we wanted to rescue I accessed the various web pages, and was surprised that most of them place a lot of information on them (sometimes with progress updates) for the available rescued dogs. Our experience has been that dogs are not just rescued and then rehomed right away, but are placed in foster homes for varying lengths of time to acclimate them and to access their compatibility with, for instance, other dogs, cats, children, any quirks, etc., so you would have a pretty good idea about any issues the dog you were interested in may have. Our experience has been that if you are really interested in a particular dog, you may even be given the foster parent(s) contact information since they would know the most about the temperment, etc. I know that there are no guarantees with a rescued dog, and maybe we have been really lucky with the two rescue organizations that we have used, but I feel that there are no guarantees with a puppy either. Either way whatever you decide in the future, good luck to you!

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