Rock Monster
They're not used to startle, they are just trained to have a negative CER. QD explained it better and I'm more detail. Smile

ETA: I almost forgot! SFun_duh2 Beautiful place Trifan! Fingers crossed that your work pays off.
[Image: 2017-01-25%2008.55.54_zps4pg1dz33.jpg]
Sometimes, the smallest things bring the greatest joy.
Trifan, your yard is beautiful!

There is a vet in my daughter's agility class and we were talking about dogs swallowing things they shouldn't. She has done surgery to remove rocks and hair scrunchies (they seem the most popular with dogs). She also removed a ball of hair elastics from a cat. She said the ball was huge and wondered how long it took the cat to swallow so many.

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