Rock Monster
They're not used to startle, they are just trained to have a negative CER. QD explained it better and I'm more detail. Smile

ETA: I almost forgot! SFun_duh2 Beautiful place Trifan! Fingers crossed that your work pays off.
Trifan, your yard is beautiful!

There is a vet in my daughter's agility class and we were talking about dogs swallowing things they shouldn't. She has done surgery to remove rocks and hair scrunchies (they seem the most popular with dogs). She also removed a ball of hair elastics from a cat. She said the ball was huge and wondered how long it took the cat to swallow so many.
Oh boy, what a mess Max was in when I got up this morning. Usually the boys are happy to stay in their crates for a little while in the morning, I am up before 4am and usually have time for a coffee before the days routine starts. Max was moaning in the most sad and begging manner so I lifted his crate cover to find him standing and leaning against one side of his crate. Poor boy had vomited up a whole lot of stinky fluid all over his crate and stunk of it. Of course the culprit was two large rocks AGAIN !
I just don't know where he finds them, there must still be a few laying around under the many trees in the garden areas that have not been fenced off. I really thought I had managed to remove them all. Fortunately there was cloud cover this morning that kept the temperature quite a bit higher than it has been.
By 4.30am Max was in the bath and I figured I may as well have two nice clean dogs at the same time so Jasper was next. I'll be off into town once 8am arrives and buying a dozen or so bales of mulching hay to cover the garden beds around all the trees after I have raked through with a fine tooth comb for rocks.
This boy is such a worry. Only a week ago we increased his morning feed a lot and reduced his evening meal because we had found rocks in his poop and thought if we filled him up more at the start of the day it might help stop this problem.  I really don't think it is a hunger issue but thought it was worth a try, NOPE !
Poor big dummy. Can he handle wearing a basket muzzle when outside?
Gotta love 'em.
Poor guy. I wish they would learn after the first couple times that rocks are not good for them. 

I had good luck with a basket muzzle when mine were in the eat everything stage. Although Max is past that stage it might be worth a try.

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Poor guy! Too bad he got at them again. Hopefully your plan to cover the garden beds will further decrease the occurrences. Hope you can find a way to get rid of it all together.
We tried the basket muzzle for a while when he was younger. He copes with it OK as in, it doesn't freak him out but he really dislikes waring it and crashes into my shins with it "a lot" while trying to wipe it off . I am just so grateful that Jasper hasn't copied this.

EDIT Our vet sourced 4 different styles of plastic muzzles to try but none were a good fit and looking comfortable at the same time. The metal one although it looks huge fitted well and has padding across the muzzle.

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Sorry Trifan
This is quite a problem and not possible to always manage.
As GM said, oh poor big dummy! I hate when they can't associate what they are doing with the consequences. Poor boy. And poor you! Hopefully you can find them all!
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