Crazy dog Mommy...or Daddy
I am an empty nester, So this is me, lol. Keller when I was raising the 3 kids, this wasn't a luxury I had, so I hear you. It makes it more enjoyable that I can now
I have friends that no longer ask or comment, when the following happens.
I have a huge traffic cone in the middle of my kitchen, (to practice send outs).
I have upside down bowl in my kitchen (to practice perch work)
They can't fit into my SUV because the whole backseat is full of soft laundry baskets, full of weird things like mailing boxes, coffee containers, socks, slippers, luggage, staplers, the list goes on. (I was teaching Scent Detection in 2 different locations, so traveled with a lot of kit)

Do you think it is a good sign they have got to the point "don't ask "? Lol
If you stop and think about all this stuff...who is it TRULY for? Yeah the dog gets pleasure but who gets excited ordering and getting to see and use it. Including purchasing the Dog itself. So people who think a person that purchases this equipment is spoiling crazy dog people don't recognize a hobby. For lack of better word for those offended by saying this about a living being. My mom spends her disposable income on quilting seminars and equipment. Built an entire room literally for it. But if I did the same with the dog including classes when I do have money it is just a dog...people just have skewed view.

I was raised in a way that even to DREAM of a fancier wash machine and dryer than is necessary is considered having snobby thing. So I can relate to having someone saying something I considered saying so judgmental and rude Tasha and Mattie's mom.

Treat crumbs in pockets yes or the pouch becomes the belt holding pants up...
I grab the bag caddy for pocket so I realize and dislike having the thing in pockets. I don't really need them have yet to be gone long enough to as he goes before we leave. Even if we are gone half the day he waits Til we get home. Even when I do go back to work and the kids are gone. It will still be part time so I am with him again who is really getting the pleasure out of it.
Keller you are right, WE get the l pleasure out of it- the looking, the ordering ,the anticipation and the excitement on arrival, do they like k e their new toy? I have to say that on occasion Dilwyn has preferred to play with and rip up the card board box that the new toy can in rather than the toy. So it's to feed our enjoyment at the end of the day what he wants is food, a safe environment, exercise, stimulation and an owner that cares for him. Now, I must go and order anew lead Blush
For me it's more about Ember's enjoyment. I try to learn new recipes that entice her sensitive palette, to give her an enjoyment out of eating. I buy a ton of training books in behavior to learn how to build up her outlook on life. I buy a ton of training books and courses in actual training in as diverse a way as possible in order to find that one thing that really gets her going (and no, still haven't found it yet). I buy so many toys that will never be touched in order to, again, figure out what in the world gets this dog excited (again, nothing yet). I have thrown out a good handful of brushes trying to find the one that made her melt under it's touch (finally found that one!). I buy things with which to make enrichment toys just so she can use her brain without pressure to perform.

For me, I actually don't really enjoy the purchasing anymore - mainly because I end up giving away or repurposing 80% of what comes through.

I think the only thing I buy for myself are the collars and leads - if it were up to her, they would be burned and their ashes scattered Tongue

Oh, and the pretty colored poop bags. Those are for me too.
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over the last 16 years Peggy and I have bought over 25 dog toys or more. It took us that long to learn than dogs will play with what they like and ya cant change that. Jolie is our third dog that would pass up the most expensive toys we know cause we did it to pounce on an empty plastic flower pot or icee cup. 1 of our dogs however didn't like toys or anything to do with them. His brother would chase him around squeeking something just to pick on him. He wouldn't play with anything and preferred just chilling we tried many different things, till we found he loved peggy's hair scrungies. We found him joyfully playing with one one time and our jaws dropped. We had spent 100eds of $ for toys and nothing. Our daughter being very crafty had sent her mom a box full of hair scrungies with different material on them. The ole guy loved em.
I can just imagine that Cappy, beats Dilwyn's cardboard box!!! Giggle
Ember one way I keep myself from buying things that I know I don't completely see being used or necessary for the dog and lots of other things. I have shopping conscience other than the voice in my head. It may be my money but I am aware of my weakness. I take my son with me to the store a lot. If I stray even if I try to justify he does not cave. My husband does the online purchase discussions. It is actually building and strengthening my own system. Other wise I would have a library and items collecting dust.

I am beyond twenty five toys (in four year span) this week we are learning fox. Or foxy as my daughter calls it. He actually chooses himself in the store by pointing to one of three or four I pull then carries it to the register most of the way.
I thought of another silly thing on the subject of "things that might make us appear to be crazy dog people". Max reacts to sneezing and runs frantically to carry on and lick my face. When I had a bad bout of hey fever and he looked so peaceful one evening sleeping on the lounge and I felt the sneezes coming on. I tip toed into the bathroom, shut the door and did a series of those stifled sneezes that feel like you are almost blowing your head apart. Ouch, very silly but at least the dog wasn't disturbed. S_shocked-15
I probably have over 50 collars. I make a lot of my own but if I see one in a store that looks nice, well. I never throw anything away because if there is a next dog, maybe that dog will like the toy or brush, etc.

We have an outdoor toy box, it's real purpose is for outdoor storage, but it is full of dog toys. I like to switch up the toys often. Do they care? I doubt it. The dogs only like to be out playing with us because they think "we" like it. Giggle

How many times have you had an itch, or your legs falls asleep but you won't move? You don't want to bother the dog. Grin

They have us around their little paws and know it.

Before we moved our neighbor was talking with someone in our neighborhood. He asked if they knew me and the reply was, "oh you mean the crazy dog lady?" I guess he did. 8|

One Border Collie Is Never Enough

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Well, today I put off stripping my bed and washing the sheets because Mattie was sound asleep on the bed and I didn't want to disturb her.

I had a conversation with a dog owner at an agility trial and she said, "Sometimes my dog will be begging to have whatever I am eating and I think that I can't give him any because it isn't healthy.....And then I wonder why am I eating something that I wouldn't feed to the dog."

I didn't admit to the number of crates I own. In my defense my smallest dog was 8lbs. and my biggest 90lbs and my collies are around 30lbs. so they require different sized crates. Who knew that an adult Miniature Schnauzer crate would fit a Border Collie puppy perfectly?

When Tasha was learning weaves I had my son help me move the dining room table into the living room to make room for a set of six weaves.

Only-Borders, I am just like you in that I never throw anything dog related away and after 28 years of having dogs I have acquired quite a collection. And I love your "One Border Collie is Never Enough". Both of my collies are female and the only thing my husband has requested if I think I need another BC is that it be male.

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