Crazy dog Mommy...or Daddy
I have collars for every occasion and crates for every occasion too. We designed and built our house. We designed it to have space for multiple crates on either side of the back door. So we designed our house based on what we wanted for our dogs. We bought a van with room for 3 full sized crates and bought crates just for the van. I've got airline crates too.
Gotta love 'em.
Our dog life was very different when we planned our house 15 years ago. If I had the chance to design my house again I would gladly give up space in the house to double the space of our laundry room/mud room to give me more room for the pets (cats included).

I once found a website that had the most expensive house for sale in the state. I looked at the photos and wasn't impressed until I saw that the house had an indoor basketball court. My first thought was it would be so nice to have that space, all nice and air conditioned, with rubber mats to play with my dogs in the summer.

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