Crazy dog Mommy...or Daddy
Here is my list that I just posted on Facebook, please help me add to it.

I think I may be a crazy dog mommy because:

1. I can't put anything in my jacket pockets because there are always dog treat crumbs in the pockets.

2. I always have doggy "bags" in the pocket of my jeans (the kind of bag used to clean up when you take the dog for a walk).

3. I own 23 leashes and only 2 dogs.

4. I plan dog crates and beds into my decorating plan.

5. If I decided to purchase a new car my only concern will be that it must fit all the humans, dogs, and dog stuff for a out of state, three day agility trial.

6. When a package arrives at the house my husband just assumes it is something new for the dogs.

7. All new clothing purchases must:
*Be a color that will hide fur.
*Have pockets to hold treats and clean-up bags.
*Machine washable.
*Shoes/boots that will hold up to dogs stepping on them and be comfortable enough to go on a long walk.

8. I decided against purchasing a couple of clearance blankets for the collies today because they were not the right color and I thought they were not soft enough for my pups.

Please post and let me know I'm not the only one. Blush
This is a hoot, you are definitely not the only one and this is my "normal". You might have forgotten one. When parcels come into the house the dogs actually assume it is for them. They get so excited over packages and have their noses into the unwrapping with great expectation because after all every package that arrives IS for them. Giggle You are not a crazy dog mom, you are totally normal in my eyes. Grin
#3 Three busy kids single income family....people come first...anything I buy is toys for games he can play with me the rest is human pass down blankets. Selfish as it sounds. Sometimes consider there are better homes with more time, money and energy. If he wasn't so stinking stuck on me.
Trifan, that is so funny. My collies will alert me to the delivery man because when we had my GSD he taught them that the noise of the delivery man was something to worry about. It is so sweet, when we adopted Mattie it only took her a couple of weeks to learn my GSD's alarm bark, "Warning, warning, stranger approaching!" (and Mattie would hide under the desk in my son's room), or the "Dad is home!!!" bark and she would run to the door and give my husband her most welcoming and happy greeting.
No kids so disposable income goes on cats, dog and running kit/ races! Based on my experience I'd add:

All outer clothing must be waterproof for at least an hour of torrential rain (there's a reason the area I live has lots of reservoirs!)

I own 5 harnesses, 3 collars and only 1 dog

My friends (if sensible) remember if getting a lift with me to look before they sit down in the car for random bits of mud or sand that the dog may have left behind.

The smellier the treat the more the dog likes it (this goes for eating or rolling in!) and I've realized I'm not as squeamish as I thought I was prior to dog ownership
Keller-b-border I do understand. I grew up in a single income house and disposable income was not something I was raised with. In reality my dogs sleep on Costco beds with blankets that were the "no sew" type that I purchased on clearance and put together years ago so my daughter would have something warm to cuddle up with on long car rides. The other dog blankets are from a supplier that gives out blankets as Christmas presents and my husband works in construction and often is the receiver of such gifts.

I was once told I was a "rich snob" because I pointed out that something was really expensive. I did consider the item really expensive because I grew up in a world where I always hoped at the end of the month there would be enough of the laundry quarters left over so I could buy an ice-cream cone from the Baskin- Robbins that was a couple of blocks away from our run-down apartment.

I didn't have pets as kid, we couldn't afford it.
I drive a van, so the dogs have a crate each and there is plenty of room for their toys, leads, bowls, water container, etc.

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Yes, yes, yes. All of the above.

One Border Collie Is Never Enough

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What a good way to put it OB. The only thing is, I don't have 23 leashes and two dogs.... yet. Blush
All of the above, plus:

My roommate (brother) asks if I am doing anything with the dogs when he wants to plan an outing or company.

Cleaning up the house means finally putting all the training props, books, and empty treat containers where they belong.

I cook better for my dogs than I do for humans.

I did a budget, and I was spending $150 more a month on my dogs food than I was on eating out for myself.

The dog baggie one got me. I have poop bags EVERYWHERE. In every pocket of every article of clothing, my work bag, my purse, several different drawers in the house - I've washed and dried several unused ones too.
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